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Vimi was flippin awesome

23rd July 2017

One of the really cool things that we do in the gym is tyre flipping It super tough and takes a while to build up to But eventually I encourage all of my ladies to give it a try They are usually intimidated and unwilling to really believe that they can do it So sometimes […]

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Are you ready to save yourself?

22nd July 2017

This week I conducted interviews for a FREE personal training programme It was a fairly rigorous process I wanted to make sure that the ladies that I was getting on the phone with were the right kind of ladies for me to work with Frustrated BUT ready to change Fed up BUT willing to tackle […]


Nicola, are you crazy?

21st July 2017

A cookie club ‘Nicola are you crazy? Cookies are how we got into this mess in the first place’ This is the usual reaction when I tell me new members that they are going to be participating in a weekly cookie club Our cookie club is something different It’s not about popping into your local […]

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Check yourself before you wreck yourself

20th July 2017

This week’s members only live coaching went down a storm! I asked my members to check themselves and take an honest introspective look at themselves because….. I need to know where they are getting stuck so that I can help them AND….. I need to know where you are stuck so that I can provide […]


You are still going to f*ck things up occasionally

19th July 2017

Yesterday I talked about accepting and loving yourself to ACCELERATE your weight loss results And I got a few emails back from you gals Which I always appreciate It can sometimes feel like I’m talking to myself over here! Your replies were great, but the common theme seemed to be ‘that’s great Nicola but how […]


‘I finally got so tired of fighting it’

18th July 2017

‘I finally understood things and it felt so liberating’ We’ve had a few break through moments in the gym this week I bang on about health and happiness I bang on about protecting your energy and your confidence But this only really makes sense when you have that epiphany moment When things click into place […]


But women just do cardio don’t they?

17th July 2017

‘Nicola I never got into the shape I wanted to when I was running every day, I feel so much better now that I am lifting weights. I feel stronger and fitter and more confident’ This is something that one of my ladies said to me yesterday in our session This is not an email […]


Are you afraid of the truth?

14th July 2017

Are you afraid of the truth? The truth that faces you in the mirror every day? The truth that hides behind your excuses? The truth that lies under the mask? The truth of how you really feel about yourself? The truth that hurts! I don’t ask you this to be cruel But it is not […]

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I was wondering where YOU are at this summer?

13th July 2017

‘I’m not what I was last summer Not who I was in the spring Tell me, tell me, tell me when will we learn We love it and we leave it and we watch it burn Damn these wild young hearts’   Does anyone recognise these lyrics? I’m not sure how obscure the band is […]

Get the body that you deserve

Getting your kit off

12th July 2017

It’s well and truly summer time And it’s getting to be too hot for those frumpy jumpers and baggy trousers that you are hiding yourself under! I know it sounds pretty harsh But where you find yourself now Is a product of the way that you have chosen to live your life for the last […]