These boots are made for walkin’

18th February 2018

One of the things the government recommends is 10000 steps per day I’d like to know what you think about that! I really want to know whether you think it is possible or not Personally I know that some days I can get up to 15000 steps Others I struggle to make 4000 Aiming for […]


Give yourself the credit and gain momentum

17th February 2018

Our brains are naturally set up to focus more strongly on the negative things Couple that with our intense social media obsession of comparing our lives and achievements to other people And we have a recipe for feeling pretty crappy So what can we do about it? (Other than reducing or usage of social media) […]


The Pied Piper of the sheep

16th February 2018

I was out walking in the hills of Tilton the other day It was one of our planned group walks that we include with our memberships I think walking is a great way to get fitter and stronger And to help with your weight loss….of course! So each week I organise a walk that any […]


Guilt, shame and blame around your food choices

15th February 2018

It’s been quite a week so far Its half term (if you’re a Leicester local) And we’ve had my favourite day of the year….PANCAKE DAY Followed by valentine’s day… If you’ve been eating out and indulging in those pancake and chocolates… I imagine you’re feeling a little bloated Perhaps a little guilty and ashamed of […]

Be my valentine?

14th February 2018

Happy valentines day The day of lurrrrve (bleurgh) Enough of that! One of the main reasons that we workout and (try to) eat well Is to feel attractive to the opposite sex Come on, let’s not deny it It feels great when you get that compliment from your significant other about how great you are […]


Pancake day

13th February 2018

It’s pancake day Wahoo One of my favourite days of the year! I wanted to extend a special offer to you My members and I are having a little competition to see who can make the best pancakes I’ve offered them the prize of a deep tissue massage for the best pancakes We are judging […]

Blogs about good ideas

I can’t tell you when it is, you will just wake up and know….

12th February 2018

There are two ways that we are motivated to get ourselves out of trouble Out of a sticky spot Out of feeling unhealthy, unhappy and unfit…. Seeking pleasure Avoiding pain I talked about seeking pleasure the other day as a means of avoiding your feelings See that email here ->> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/are-you-a-pleasure-seeker/ But pleasure can also […]

Are you a pleasure seeker?

10th February 2018

Seeking pleasure as a distraction from the pain that you feel is super common! Food Drink Drugs Sex Shopping Netflix Social media Over exercising We have a tonne of distraction techniques that are all designed to make us feel INSTANTLY better Rather than actually dealing with how we are feeling in the moment The sad […]

core work

The rest is history

9th February 2018

I know I bang on about this all of the time But getting started on a health and fitness journey is ALWAYS the hardest part I have a friend who has tremendous potential in fitness He is a decent runner He can lift weights He can climb well But he struggles with motivation to get […]


We are master procrastinators

8th February 2018

Don’t even try to deny it I am willing to bet that you’ve been procrastinating on something for ages now It might be losing weight It might be getting fit It might be getting healthy again It might be going for a run or walk… We procrastinate on so much stuff… I’m surprised that we […]