I’ve been ‘good’ for a week, why has nothing changed?

A week is kind of a long time if you’re counting the minutes down for something that you’re looking forward to, but when we are talking about fat loss and results from lifestyle changes, a week really isn’t so long

I often chat with clients who are frustrated that a week of altered habits isn’t yielding them ALL of the results that they expected

A part of this issue is that fat loss is often mis-sold (not by me) and the impression is given that we can lose a stone in a few days….voila


I will always make a point of telling my members that whilst I will do my best to help them get their results as fast as possible, what it really and truly comes down to, is how much that individual (you / them) is willing and able to change things in the timeframe that we are laying out


Let’s use an example here

Siobhan came to me wanting to lose 1 stone and has an event in the calendar that gives us a nice benchmark of 12 weeks


This works out to be just a little over 1 lb per week, which in reality is a very reasonable and achievable goal

Looking at her lifestyle, we could make the following changes

These are all reasonable suggestions, and they are definitely at the lesser end of extreme, but how Siobhan takes to these changes is unpredictable

When we face change we can sometimes feel a bit panicked and overwhelmed

If Siobhan was able to change all of these things at once, on day 1 of her plan, she might be able to expect to see and feel some significant results if she were to measure on day 7


But in my experience most people are not able to make all of these changes in one day


They might WANT to and INTEND to, but it takes most people 2-3 weeks to get into the swing of a new routine

Making changes takes up headspace because you are going against your practised habits and routines

This is one of the reasons that change feels hard because it is mentally hard to change the way that you do things

You were comfortable doing your old habits even if you didn’t like the lifestyle results that you were getting

A bit of discomfort is what comes along with this business of lifestyle and habit change, and fat loss


How MUCH discomfort you are able to tolerate really dictates how fast your results are going to appear


So if you have been trying to make some changes but are frustrated with the results, give it some more time

Your body and mind need time to adjust to new routines and the biggest failure of a fat loss plan (like the one mapped out above) is not doing it for long enough to see results

Working with a personal trainer like me, we would sit down together and make sure that the plan worked for your goals, your routines, your preferences and in your family lifestyle

We could also amp up or amp down the plan based on your experience with it


What looks good on paper isn’t always good when you try it in real life


Please feel free to try the suggestions from above and see how your energy, well-being and health improve given the time and commitment that they deserve

If you are trying things but getting no-where fast, then drop me an email back and we’ll talk about it