Success Stories

  • Beth Jackson - Group personal training
  • Hansa Naran - 1:2:1 personal training
  • Aaliyah - small group personal training
  • Vonnie Ingham - small group personal training
  • Jess Horner Bailey

  • Linda Frier

    May – Present


    May – Present


    Oh my goodness, before I started with Nicola, I wasn’t willing to admit it to anyone but I felt unhappy with the way my body looked! I lacked energy to do the things that I wanted to do, I was drained and moody which also made me feel guilty because I didn’t want to be that way…ultimately, I felt unhealthy in mind, body and soul!

    Since working on Nicola’s programme for 12 weeks where I not only felt fitter, stronger, and dramatically happier, I want to focus now on planning more fun ACTIVE activities with my kids so that I can keep my exercise habits up without taking time away from my little ones! I also now make time for planning meals for the whole family where we can eat together and bond every day, which has been a valuable habit to instil for all of us!

    The most valuable habit for me, has been Nicola’s insistence on scheduling in some ‘me time’. Initially I was really resistant, I was convinced that I would not be able to find the time BUT surprisingly, my family didn’t fall apart without me and it actually makes me MORE energised, MORE confident and MUCH happier, so I am also a better mum when I give myself some time each day to recharge!

    People have begun to notice a difference in my physically too, my husband and kids said I have more energy and look more toned, the kids love doing little workouts with me at home now, so this whole process has been great for getting the whole family into a more active mindset!

    I would 100% recommend taking Nicola’s transformation sessions to help you gain a better understanding of weight loss, not just exercising but for a healthier lifestyle that suits the whole family. Working with Nicola has helped me believe that I can make the changes needed and it wasn’t as hard as I thought because when I looked at the barriers each week and how to break them down, it was quite easy! I realised that a lot of what was holding me back before was my own mindset. Now that has changed with Nicola’s weekly mindset coaching sessions, I have so much more confidence in my choices and how to make the best decisions for me and the family too!

    I have enjoyed attending the gym sessions, and actually looked forward to them. It was great to meet other likeminded ladies and can honestly say we had fun.

    A big thank you to Nicola for the support and all the advice on making me believe that I CAN make the change to a better lifestyle!


    Prior to attending the sessions, I had deluded myself into thinking that I was OK for a woman of a certain age even though I had a gym membership (unused) – I was a reasonable size and didn’t creak too much. I was aware that I was lethargic, took frequent naps and kidded myself that I ate healthily – far too many meals out, takeaways etc. The realisation that I needed to do something really came when I was on a family holiday and felt quite uncomfortable in a bikini – basically, I was flabby and took up too much space.

    I’ll admit that I am vain and did not like what I saw.

    Things have changed for me over these 12 weeks, I am no longer making excuses for not exercising, I am planning healthy meals, taking time for family and myself has been a key change for me – I’ve got my motivation back.

    I am also realising what might stress me and consciously either letting it go or finding a solution/strategy for dealing with stressors has made me calmer and more in control of my eating and all of my choices really!

    Having a weekly plan gives me a feeling of control and if it alters – hey ho, it’s not the end of the world. The past few years of working part-time I have drifted a bit and accomplished nothing at times.

    I have really enjoyed working in small groups and do feel that the ‘women only’ group gives us all confidence and support not only during the sessions but through the messages etc. Training alone in the past has meant that I didn’t challenge myself – I certainly have been challenged and actually, to my surprise, enjoyed the challenges.

    My daughter has not only noticed a change in my shape and energy levels but also that I have a more ‘can do, let’s do it’ attitude. I feel that this is also having an influence on her too.

    With this ‘can do’ attitude I aim to use my gym membership to maintain, and hopefully improve my training, my fitness, and strength. I have already written on my calendar when I am going to the gym. Getting off the bus a few stops earlier, taking the dog for walks and planning meals is hopefully ingrained and part of my day to day routine. Taking me time to reflect is also important and I am building this in.

    About halfway through the course I woke up and thought – I feel happy. This has never happened previously and I want to sustain that feeling as it impacts on me, my family and work.

    If you are thinking about doing Nicola’s programme….Do it NOW! It’s fun, challenging and the changes are not just in weight, body shape, strength and fitness but in your mental approach to all of these things and more.

    Nicola is an excellent trainer – challenging you in the gym, adapting your training to yours ability but also giving you all the tools of nutrition, mental approaches to make you succeed in your goals!


    Before I began working with Nicola I felt totally fed up knowing that I should be exercising but not wanting to nor having the energy to do it. I was envious of those around me who were enjoying exercising and losing weight and frustrated because I knew what I was doing to my body. I just wanted things to change, that’s when I came across Nic on Facebook!

    I am delighted to say I have enjoyed being at the gym and using Nicola’s online workouts at home too, not only do they fit easily into my busy schedule but I also have bags more energy since I started working out!

    I’ve also really enjoyed getting back to making fresh recipes which has not only helped my weight loss progress but has significantly improved my moods and energy too.

    My family know I am making time for myself and not to disturb me when exercising! Before I began this, I was worried that they would struggle without me for those periods where I was training or out walking but they know I am putting myself first on some occasions and they like this version of me better, because I am much happier with myself, which means I am much nicer to be around.

    I plan to keep eating healthier because it makes my body and my mind feel good, I like feeling clear and I love having the energy to do what I want and not collapse in a heap on the couch of an evening and I want to keep exercising, no matter how little now that I have found something that I actually enjoy! Who know THAT would be lifting weights!

    One of the biggest things is that I listen to my body more now. If I am tired I go to bed earlier even if there are things that I should get done they can wait until my energy is back to 100%

    If you’re thinking about Nicola’s programme or personal training, I’d say go on do it. It’s not all about physical exercising and food, it’s also about your mindset. Nicola has helped me see things in a better way.  She has helped me to change things like ‘Don’t punish yourself if you go wrong’. And don’t think you have to spend hours and hours in one go at the gym to see a difference. After Half an hour training with Nicola you certainly know you have worked hard and I’ve had wonderful results from this!

    I know that I won’t get everything PERFECT in the future but I know how to fix it now, and I’ve stopped striving for perfection, which was causing me to feel like a failure before, I now strive for being the best version of myself – I’ve realised that I am actually pretty great!


    April – Present


    March 2017 – Present


    January 2017 – present


    January 2017 – March 2017

    Joining this course has had such a positive effect in my life and for those around me. Before I joined the progamme I was unhappy with my weight, unmotivated to workout and stuck in a rut with my food choices. Everyday I would battle with myself and berate myself for not losing weight.

    So…I joined Nicola’s course in January and I have noticed the biggest change in myself over the last 12 weeks! I have been out of my comfort zone during training and whilst I was shy and unsure at first, I became confident in the exercises even surprising myself with what I could do with Nicola guiding me and the helpful support and reassurance of the other ladies on the course.

    What I’ve most benefitted from the course is the mindset training.  Nicola over the weeks has provided valuable material to really look into all the health, nutritional and other areas of your life, backed up with her own research and personal experiences.

    Nicola cares about your well being and listens to your individual issues, she’s taught me to listen to my body in all areas – sleep, food, exercise and socialising. She not only talks about keeping healthy balance in your life but demonstrates it as well. Over the weeks the ladies have bonded over the training and we share recipes, talk about our well being and fully support each others goals.

    I have had many personal training sessions in the past but training with Nicola and the other ladies in the BBT has been the greatest experience, I have gained so much knowledge and I will continue to use Nicola’s services in the future. I’ve even joined her gym with my husband! She’s given me the tools and excellent head start now I need to take her coaching to the next step from what I’ve learnt over the last 12 weeks.

    Thank you Nicola for all that you have done for me I fully recommend your services and wish you all the best! You will definitely see me in your gym continuing the progress that I have made! X


    Before I found Nicola I was feeling unhealthy, confused and stressed! Nicola encouraged me to work on various different areas in my lifestyle including, as a priority, my stress and my self care. When I made time for myself, the changes started to happen and I feel much better for it.

    My ideas about personal training were that it might be hard, or scary and that I might not be able to do what was being asked of me. I was wrong, Nicola made it enjoyable and she made sure that I was able to achieve the things that she wanted me to do. It was all for my own benefit, and I could see that in her plan.

    My family have noticed a difference in me too, I’m less grumpy because I feel healthier so it’s not just ME who benefits from this. I get to be the best version of myself that shows up for my family too!

    Now that I’ve finished my time with Nicola, I feel that I’ve learned a great deal about how to take care of my health and well being. I recognise that when I do this, I get better results across the board! I plan to continue to take time out for myself – I’ve recognised how important this is for everything (my energy, my confidence, my choices, my weight loss).

    I want to say THANK YOU to Nicola for showing me a healthy way to approach weight loss that got rid of my confusion and allowed me to work past my frustrations.

    If you are considering working with Nicola I’d say give it a go – it’s not all about dieting and exercise. Mental health and well being, and appreciating your own self, is also very important in Nicola’s world and she encourages you to get the best out of yourself and take responsibility for earning your freedom from frustration ,confusion and feeling unhealthy!


    September 2016 – present

    Progress (90 days)

    12kg lost

    Size 20 to size 14/16

    46cm lost total


    SEPTEMBER 2016 – DECEMBER 2016

    My husband died 3 years ago and I had put on over a stone in the few weeks following his death. I had never shifted this weight as comfort eating was my way of dealing with stress. I fell into a habit of eating poorly, fast food, sweet food anything that was easy. I also never did any exercise.

    I felt old, fat and unfit. A friend had lost a lot of weight over the previous 18 months as she didn’t want to enter her 50’s fat, unfit & unloved. I had already hit my 50’s but decided that I needed to do something for me & getting fitter & losing a bit of weight felt the right thing to do.

    I tried to diet on my own and went walking a couple of times a week but without any support I soon stopped walking and started to eat unhealthily again. I began to feel old, fat & unfit again but worse than before as I had also now failed to help myself.

    I decided I would join a gym to at least exercise. As I was researching gyms on the internet I found Nicola’s website. After thinking about it for a few days I decided that having set times to exercise that fitted in with work, and also someone to help with eating healthier, so I called her and we had a chat and she made me feel comfortable with the whole process, and I liked the sound of her appraoch so I went for it!

    The first day was difficult, I hadn’t exercised for a few years and it showed. I ached the following day but felt that I had achieved something.  Going back 2 days later was easier and I actually looked forward to the next session on the Sunday.

    I have learnt through this course that my capacity to actually exercise is better than I thought & I have also discovered that I actually really enjoy it. The support of Nicola & the other ladies on my course have given me the help I needed to persevere at something which many times I have given up on.

    I do more walking, more cooking & think about what I am eating. I have lost cm’s across my body, but more importantly now, my clothes look better on me & I feel more confident with more energy and like I am getting there! I feel better!


    Size 16 -> 14

    Tummy 107cm -> 102cm

    Hips 119cm -> 115cm

    Thighs 70cm -> 66cm


    JUNE 2016 – SEPT 2016

    Before I started this course I felt fat and tired and fed up all the time, I thought I was old and that there’s nothing I can do to change myself and get off the path that I was on: getting fatter and unhappier as each month went by. I felt that genetics was partly to blame but part of me didn’t want this to be true and that I could change which is why I took action and started this course.

    The biggest lesson that I learned is that it’s not too late to change and you can have bad days or even bad periods but it doesn’t have to mean you have failed. I never realised how bad my diet was and that I needed to eat more protein and fibre. I still need to work on reducing some of the sugary snacks that I favour but I am focussing on eating more protein and fibre and its making a big difference to my body composition, energy and health overall!

    Some of the biggest changes that I have made in my lifestyle include drinking more water and trying to be more conscious of what I eat so that I can be accountable for my choices.  I’ve also ordered veg and fruit boxes from Riverford because I think that the quality of my food is important to me now, bought some protein powder to experiment with in the kitchen and bought some natural shampoo and conditioner to reduce the number of chemicals that I expose my skin to.

    I know that I still have work to do and that it doesn’t stop simply because the course is over so I aim to keep working on the protein and fibre and try to increase the simple things like walking and try and get a better routine for eating and sleeping. I know that this will come with practise and I am excited to see where I can be in another 12 weeks’ time!

    I don’t always have the motivation to think long term, I sometimes can see the future that I want and it seems so far away but when that happens I just try to think about what I have achieved so far and reel my mind back in to the present, I do my best not to worry about the future because the only way I can get there is by focussing on the here and now and my actions today!

    With that in mind I created a plan of action for myself, I am not sure how I’m going to fit it in with the school run at the moment but I am working it out, so hopefully I want to try half an hour of exercise early in the morning before everyone wakes up. Also, spend more time cooking and being conscious of what I eat.  Get up more during the day so I move my body more and walk to school in the evenings and maybe eventually in the mornings – it will be a step by step process as I make small changes in my lifestyle and with my family to be the best and healthiest versions that we can be!


    WAIST: 36 -> 33.5

    HIPS: 41 -> 38

    TUMMY: 39 -> 37.5

    THIGH: 23 -> 22

    ARMS: 12.5 -> 12


    APRIL 2016 – PRESENT


    Claire Farrow


    APRIL 2016 – PRESENT

    Before I joined the 12 week course, I was feeling unhealthy, overweight and had no energy.  I was also suffering with arthritis in my knees and struggling to get up the stairs!  I was stuck in a cycle of unhealthy eating, feeling rubbish about it and eating more!  I had tried every diet under the sun and  while they worked for a few weeks and I’d lose a few pounds, most ‘diets’ are about depriving yourself of something and I couldn’t stick to the programmes for very long.  As for training, I knew I liked exercise as when I had worked out in the past, it had made me feel good afterwards but like most, I had a long history of unused gym memberships due to losing motivation and not knowing what I needed to do to get the results that I wanted.  Being a parent, it was also difficult to find something to fit around childcare.

    I came across Nicola’s website one night when looking around on the internet.  I read and watched the testimonials and thought they sound just like me, I could do that!  It was also great that I could fit the training sessions around childcare commitments.  Nicola phoned me the next day and straight away understood what I was saying about being stuck in an unhealthy cycle and made me feel at ease about the training as I felt I wouldn’t be able to do most of it due to my knee problems.  I set myself some goals and started the programme the following week and haven’t looked back!

    Working out with a small group of other ladies really helped with my motivation, I really wanted to attend every session as I didn’t want to let the group, Nicola (or myself) down.  Nicola is a fantastic trainer and believed in each and every one of us and each session I went away a little more confident about my progress, I have genuinely loved every session.  Nicola has also taught us about nutrition rather than ‘diets’ and I have learned to eat what my body wants and needs, stop depriving myself and stop feeling guilty if I ‘cheated’.  The support that Nicola gave us outside of the training sessions via WhatsApp and email was also incredibly helpful.

    Since completing the course, I have lost weight and inches all over but I also feel fitter, stronger, more confident and have bags more energy than I ever did before!  I have changed the way that I think about food and feel more able to make healthy choices without depriving myself too much. I have also met some amazing ladies that inspire me every session that we meet.  I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about joining it.  I loved it so much that I have signed up for the next 6 weeks and hoping to continue beyond that.


    WEIGHT -> 82kg -> 76kg

    WAIST -> 37.5 -> 34.5

    TUMMY -> 42.5 -> 39.5

    HIPS -> 43.5 -> 43

    THIGHS -> 22 -> 21

    ARMS -> 12 -> 11.5

    Catherine progress

    Catherine Hall


    APRIL 2016 – PRESENT


    Weight 116kg -> 110kg

    Bust 44in -> 44in

    Waist 47in -> 43in

    Hips 56in -> 54in

    Belly 56.5in -> 54.5in

    Thigh 30in -> 29in

    Arms 16in -> 15in

    Tina Kaur


    MARCH 2016 – PRESENT

    When I first met Nicola I was at my lowest, I was struggling to lose weight and in a lot of pain with my muscle problem. In addition to this I was tired all of the time and just wanted reach my goal of losing weight without putting it all back on again after being a consistent yo yo dieter for many years.

    I started my training about 3 months ago (March 2016) and I couldn’t lift my own body weight, I felt very weak and it really made me think about my health. But since then I have come a long way lifting weights, doing exercises that even I didn’t know my body could do. I’m really proud of what I am now capable of and I am improving every session with new and different exercises.

    I feel happier now and the way my body has changed makes me feel positive about what I can do long term. I’m much calmer than I use to be and able to put myself first without feeling guilty.

    I’ve made changes to the way I eat without sacrificing the things that I love; I am also using natural products such as body washes, makeup to reduce the toxins in my lifestyle. Sessions always go well and talking to Nicola is always great …. she is a fantastic listener.

    I highly recommend Nicola to anyone out there who wants to make a change to the way they feel, look and think!


    Weight 71.2kg -> 68.9kg

    Waist 33in -> 30in

    Tummy 37in -> 36in

    Hips 39.5in -> 36in

    Thighs 20.5in -> 19in


    JAN 2016 – MARCH 2016

    Before I started working with Nicola I felt physically and mentally weak and was not in a happy place. I had a negative perception of my body and lacked confidence. Although I wanted to join the gym I was scared to as I thought I don’t know what to do or where to start and I need support, who would give that to me?

    Also I was afraid of training in a gym where there were loads of people who knew what they were doing and that already looked good. My partner then told me that he had used a personal trainer called Nicola who runs a 12 week program for ladies wanting to get fitter, healthier and more confident. He explained to me that she is a nice person who will support you and work around your goals and needs I initially spoke to Nicola on the phone and straight away I got a positive feeling that she may be the one that can help me. I told her a little bit about myself and she was very supportive.

    I felt very comfortable as the gym wasn’t busy during the session and the fact that it was women only really helped. Everyone had their own goals for example, lose weight or just get fitter. My goal was to gain muscle and become physically stronger and I have to say that Nicolas dedication and support has given me just that.

    I now feel so much happier in my own skin and look forward to going to the sessions. I feel that I am more confident and a lot happier than I was prior to joining. I couldn’t thank Nicola more because she has given me something I couldn’t get from anyone else.  This is why I will be continuing to train with Nicola to prepare for my wedding so that I feel confident and comfortable in my own skin.

    From my experience I understand that when you feel so low about your body, it is hard to get motivated or have the confidence to do something about it because you feel so alone. But trust me when I say that you won’t find a more honest, dedicated and supportive trainer.

    Nicola is firm but very fair and realistic and keeps on track of your progress, working with you every step of the way. I look forward to continuing to work with Nicola and will be forever grateful for meeting her. So all in all, come and give it a go, this may be a life changing decision, one that leads to a happier healthier you!



    MARCH 2016 – APR 2016

    I was googling about losing weight and weight training and came across a lady called Nicola Rossell way back in December, who was advertising healthy eating and losing weight in the right way. I pondered on it for a few months before I plucked up the courage of calling. I have been a yo-yo dieter for many years now, I have tried everything.

    I have lost weight, gained weight stayed the same but I was never truly happy with myself. My partner was diagnosed with Diabetes last year and this made me think that I don’t want to get something like this if it can be avoided. When I was younger I loved aerobic and weights but could never quite get the weight thing right. I wanted to start training because, I didn’t want to go up another size, I was not happy with my body as it made me feel down.

    Nicola suggest making small changes to my diet and exercise routine. Adding weights and eating more protein we’re the main aspects that I needed help with as I was already good with most other things. I asked Nicola to coach me for one month to give me the confidence to get in the gym and learn to lift weights on my own as I realised that this was the best way to change my body and improve my health and fitness.

    The changes made are a sacrifice but a good one, things that you can incorporate in everyday life without it being noticed too much.

    After the 4 weeks with Nicola, I felt confident about using weights in the gym, I lifted weight that I never though was possible as for my body I have had compliments about me looking better in my clothes and I didn’t expect that after 4 weeks. I have been making wise food choices and not obsessing about the scales every day and have learnt that you can have an off day or two! Overall I have lost 10lbs between March and July which has been astounding to me because I am just doing what I enjoy and eating what I like to eat.

    To the ladies out there thinking about doing this, DO IT, don’t be afraid of what your body can do, we are stronger than we think. But with a good trainer behind you who isn’t just after your money and is genuinely concerned about what you want, go for it.

    Serene Farrell


    JAN 2016 – MARCH 2016

    I have known Nicola for more than a year now. I think it would be true to say that she has transformed my preconceived ideas about exercise and weight loss.

    My idea of exercise was limited to running and aerobic work outs on various gym equipment, but somehow that never worked and did not hold my attention for long.

    My idea of dietary changes to control weight was mainly based on the principal of deprivation; Nicola has improved my eating habits through regular feedback and various healthy recipes which not only keep my attention but satisfy my appetite and nourish my body. This along with the regular training session has opened my eyes to whole new concept in healthy living.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my transformation training sessions with Nicola, and I feel the personal touch that she so generously gives all her clients, is the thing that motivates me and keeps me coming back for more.

    I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. So if you are considering joining the transformation course I would say do it, because you will get more than you expect, its not a normal course of classes, its much, much more!

    Regards from an appreciative client !!

    Happy client


    SEPTEMBER 2015 – DECEMBER 2015


    SEPTEMBER 2015 – DECEMBER 2015


    I started personal training with Nicola 2 months ago, I have a long history of yoyo dieting and exercise, I have been an everything or nothing kind of girl for as long as I can remember, which means I’ve got into bad habits. I know I need regular encouragement, and frankly a good kick up the backside.

    I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle for life, no more yo-yoing, so I called Nicola….this was the best decision I’ve made in a long time!

    Nicola offers me my weekly fix of encouragement, training and an individually designed programme. By the time the weekend is over and the Monday blues set in…I drag myself into the gym with Nic and by 12.30 I’m back on track, energized and positive about the week ahead.

    I love working with Nicola because she is REAL…its very clear she treats each client as a total individual, all of our circumstances, commitments and experiences are different, and she will adapt the programme or advice to suit us. Within the first few weeks I had lost inches from all over, now I am noticing my strength build each week, I feel stronger and fitter everyday.

    Eating…I love eating…I love food, good and bad, but I always struggled to get enough vegetables in my diet. Now I enjoy vegetables…I relish the challenge of trying to knock something up with a fridge full of them. I eat buttery scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast…honestly eating like this is no strain at all, its just changing habits and listening to the nutritional information that Nic gives you.

    I would without a doubt fallen off the wagon again by now…I would have done my quick fix and got bored. Now, because I have Nic by my side who genuinely cares about me, who wants the best for me, wants me to succeed…wow its made all the difference and I have remained motivated.

    Nic’s information is priceless, I find myself sharing everything she says with friends and family. Its not faddy advice, its real, manageable, well researched, advice for life.

    I truly couldn’t recommend Nicola enough, if you’re even considering a personal trainer look no further. It may seem like a luxury to pay for someone, but is it…? It’s a few bottles of wine, it’s a meal out (that frankly wasn’t doing me any favours) yes having a personal trainer can been seen as a treat…but surely creating and maintaining a healthy, strong, confident body and mind, that’s the most important gift we can honour ourselves with?



    I have been training with Nicola for nearly a year, her patience, understanding, support and motivation have helped me lose weight, tone up, strengthen my core and gain a better understanding of nutrition.

    Nicola is an excellent trainer; she has a great sense of humour, is fun, committed, enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable. She has become more than just my personal trainer; she is now also a trusted friend. I cannot recommend her enough!



    Since working with Nicola I’ve not only lost weight, toned up and improved my health but I’ve also changed my thinking. I am more positive about my attitude to food and the way I view my body.

    I’m proud of what my body is capable of and less concerned with how it looks, though that has improved as well! I no longer get the migraines that used to regularly affect my day to day life and I have more energy thanks to a changing and manageable diet. Nicola is encouraging and motivating as a trainer and patient in explaining nutrition tips and exercises.

    Overall I have been thrilled with the changes that I have made over the past 6 months and have Nicola to thank.



    Best instructor ever! Changed my life and my diet and the way I feel. My food is now totally healthy but its fun and colourful, when I exercise I make the most of the time I have and it definitely shows results, and I don’t feel horrible any more.

    I’m proud of the body I have and feel so much better now than I did before I met Nicola!

    I didn’t just have a coach but I made an awesome friend




    Fed up with what had been numerous years of a lifestyle of little exercise except walking and working long hours in a desk job—and enduring the resulting poor effects on my health—I started training with Nicola roughly 2 years ago. Really enjoying the sessions, I quickly became motivated to make significant changes to my lifestyle over this time and there’s no doubt Nicola’s been a significant factor in these changes! There’s no way I could now imagine a lifestyle that didn’t include fitness and training on a regular basis!

    Up until this point, my husband of 15 years had been regularly worrying about my health & lack of fitness—but trust me, he’s enjoyed watching me on my fitness journey and is over the moon at the positive effects it’s had. We now exercise together a couple of times a week and it’s brought us closer than ever. J

    Training with Nicola means I’m still discovering new methods and exercises to make my routine varied and fun (if left purely to my own devices, it’s not a strength of mine to “mix it up”) , and I truly look forwards to the sessions each week to see the progress that I am making. We regularly discuss training and nutrition which has given me a great insight into the fitness industry and lots of new ideas to apply to my lifestyle.  I’ve been gobsmacked that training, coupled with eating more of the right foods, has helped me lose weight, build muscle, tone up flabby parts—all whilst eating more in quantity, meaning never any feelings of denying myself (like I’d experienced on previous occasions when “trying to lose weight”)—and plenty of opportunities to “treat myself” too!

    At the age of 38, I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and enjoying life more than ever as a result. (Thanks again Nic!)

    Nicola’s always been really encouraging and this has helped motivate me, and give me confidence to do things I’d never considered before—like participate in events. (Sorry, but I’m not one of these people motivated by charitable causes—and up until training with Nic, had never considered signing myself up for a 5k race nor 10k muddy obstacle course—which I did both within 6 months of starting, and loved every minute of!)

    Most recently we have begun to undertake a block of strength and conditioning training—I am learning a lot of new technical movements which are a fantastic addition to my current fitness routine and are really adding a new level to my training. Nicola places a high value on technique and posture and regularly provides feedback and helpful pointers to ensure that I make the most of the training that I am doing.

    It’s evident to me that Nicola considers the needs of the individual and will tailor the training to maximise the progress for each person. I value the advice that Nicola provides on training and nutrition & enjoy the conversations we have on the subject.  In short, I would highly recommend sessions with Nicola Rossell to anyone who is looking to make some changes and improve their health!



    Nicola made me actually believe I could reach my goals. She kept me motivated when training and provided me with detailed work out plans and offered me dietary advice on a weekly basis.

    Nicola was understanding and flexible when it came to accommodating my training within my busy work schedule. It was really nice having a female trainer who knows what us girls all worry about when it comes to our bodies and made me feel at ease with being able to talk about my targets and gave me continual support.

    I highly recommend Nicola if you want a fresh approach to working out that actually gives you the results you want to see!




    Nicola was the perfect motivator, encourager and teacher during our sessions together.

    She pushed me without patronising me and praised me enough to want to be better. Not only is she an approachable and friendly trainer, she is highly knowledgeable within her field of expertise and I came away learning new things about myself and my body after every session with her.

    Nicola always went the extra mile when it came to researching unique and innovate methods especially taking into account my needs and health contraindications




    After first discussing my goals with Nicola, she was very happy to sit down and spend time with me to discuss my options. She showed me that by making small changes and applying the correct mindset, anything was possible.

    In the first two weeks of training with Nicola, listening to her nutritional advice and following her training programmes, I have lost over 4 inches on the areas I aimed to tone up on.

    I am very happy with my results so far and am looking forward to working with Nicola to continue achieving my goals. I have found a passion for training, especially with weights that I never knew existed.

    Nicola is very approachable, and is always happy to help and answer any queries or questions that I might have. Very highly recommended!




    Nicola was fantastic. I wanted to get in shape for my wedding and she listened to the goal I had and then tailor made fitness programmes to suit me and my needs. She not only helped me to achieve my goal, but she also helped me to change my lifestyle by giving me nutrition advice alongside my fitness programmes.

    I had a new fitness programme each week that I could use in my own time. These were always varied and challenging to help stretch me to reach my goal. I always left the personal training sessions feeling much better about myself, knowing I had challenged and pushed my body. I would definitely recommend Nicola to anybody. I felt that I looked great on my wedding day and Nicola was part of making that happen for me.

    20140416-01-MC-Clare_Getting_Ready-145 20140416-01-MC-Clare_Getting_Ready-146