Rossell Fitness Freestyle Yoga Sessions

£50 per session

Do you want to get

  1. Fitter
  2. Stronger
  3. More confident

Would you like to have

  1. More energy
  2. More mobility
  3. An increased sense of well-being

Yoga can have incredible benefits for health, happiness and confidence.


Session information

– Sessions run for 55 minutes and will be operated via video link if you are unable to attend the gym site

– Please ensure that you have a space large enough to move around comfortably in, on the floor and in the space around you at arm and shoulder height

– There are certain props that are helpful in yoga sessions including yoga blocks, yoga straps and bolsters. Easy alternatives to these that are often accessible at home include thick books, dressing gown belts and cushions.

– Your session will be tailored to your needs and feedback from you on how things are feeling is important for the session to be of most benefit to you.

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