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Boost your self esteem (2/5)

23rd August 2018

This is DAY 2 of 5 in our SELF ESTEEM series If you missed DAY 1 go and check it out here ->>   When you make the connection between your self esteem (how much you love and respect yourself) and your choices And when it clicks in your mind that your choices, your […]

Boost your self esteem (1/5)

22nd August 2018

Boost your self esteem And RECHARGE your weight loss RESULTS   I’m going to give you 5….yes 5 ways to boost your self esteem OVER THE NEXT 5 BLOGS When you make the connection between your self esteem (how much you love and respect yourself) and your choices And when it clicks in your mind […]

Monday morning mindset

14th May 2018

Don’t fall into this trap….


Don’t give up

13th May 2018

  Don’t give up When things are not going your way When you are trying hard but not seeing the results that you want When you can’t seem to find the answers or the way forward… It’s hard It’s hard to keep going because you feel like there is no point But you MUST find […]

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You expect too much

11th May 2018

  I’m guilty of this And I’m going to guess that you are too….. I expect FAR too much of myself And then I get frustrated and fed up when I’m not able to deliver on my expectations I began a few weeks ago to lower my expectations Not my standards (those are important to […]

Don’t make this mistake

4th May 2018

Don’t make this mistake You don’t have to be DOING, to be productive As a young’un And if I’m being honest….now that I’m older too I’m prone to the idea that I have to be doing something all of the time to be productive And in thinking that And in doing STUFF all of the […]

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PT Pet peeve #5

4th March 2018

‘Weight is the most important metric for weight loss and health progress’ I HATE this one I HATE HATE HATE it I hate it because I see so much damage being caused by this horrible little number That number that peers up at you on the scales Let’s be honest….the number is essentially innocuous It’s […]

Challenge your direction

‘It’s my way or the high way amigo…’

3rd March 2018

‘It’s my way or the high way amigo…’ This is another extension of the diet culture pet peeve that I’ve talked about before But it does get my goat so I wanted to reiterate how crazy it is to think that ONE approach could fit a whole population of people And also that ONE approach […]


It’s not sexy

28th February 2018

My personal trainer PET PEEVES #1…. FAST FADS + FIXES I want to start by saying I am 100% committed to helping you get results I want you to get them as fast as possible BUT so often I see risky, questionable and dangerous practises and strategies that simply will leave you feeling MORE confused, […]


Your standards are too high

27th February 2018

If you are living your life in a way that doesn’t make you happy… (clue… do you feel right now about your health, body image, confidence, energy, mood, lifestyle..?) Have you ever considered lowering your standards? I’m not talking about compromising on the things that you enjoy I’m talking about giving yourself credit for the things […]