I fear things that I don’t understand

I will avoid turning this into a gushing love story for my puppy

Although, I do adore the little ball of fluff

Before I had a dog, I was afraid of them

I had been bitten by them and chased by them in the past but it was more than that

I didn’t know how to deal with them

I didn’t know what to do when they jumped up

I didn’t know how to act when they ran over to me

I didn’t know what it meant to have that connection with an animal

I didn’t understand!

It’s all different now….

Since having a dog I’ve learned a tonne about how to take care of them, how to manage their behaviour and how to protect myself and my dog against other dogs (if needed)

I had a baptism of fire

One day I didn’t have a dog (and felt ambivalent, at best, toward them)

The next day I had a dog and fell in love with her

And through learning, growing and being willing to open myself up to a new experience

I cannot now imagine my life without my little fluffy monster (she’s tucked into my side napping as I write this email)

I want you to consider what you are afraid of in this moment

Is it taking the first step and doing some exercise?

Is it changing your diet?

Is it working on your mindset so that you can control your reactions?

Is it breaking your long term habits that you know are not helping your health?

These things are SCARY

These things are INTIMIDATING

These things are UNKNOWN to you

Just as unknown as ‘puppy-life’ was to me

What I can tell you is that if you are brave….

If you are willing to try….

If you can find the nerve to take the first step and just begin to consider what change might feel like to you….

You could be rewarded in the BEST way (more energy, better health, less risk, more confidence, improved body composition)

The first step only has to be a chat -> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call

Be brave today and claim your rewards

I can tell you that overcoming your doubts and fears will be the best thing that you ever do

I look forward to hearing from you