pull ups

You’re not going to believe this

28th January 2018

One of the most common goals that I hear about from ladies in Leicester…. What do you reckon it is? Any guesses? . . . . To be able to do a press up Are you surprised Sure, I commonly hear ‘Nicola, I want to lose weight’ ‘Nicola, I want to drop a dress size’ […]

pull ups

Vimi was flippin awesome

23rd July 2017

One of the really cool things that we do in the gym is tyre flipping It super tough and takes a while to build up to But eventually I encourage all of my ladies to give it a try They are usually intimidated and unwilling to really believe that they can do it So sometimes […]


It’s not my job to count your squats

8th June 2017

It’s not my job to count your squats What is your perception of a personal trainer? Have you ever seen those memes where it’s got 6 interpretations of what a personal trainer is like? I.e. what your friends think it’s like What your mum thinks it’s like What your work colleagues think it is like […]

pull ups

I can’t do it, because

5th June 2017

I have a confession to make I’ve been procrastinating on getting back in the gym to workout I know I know I work in a gym I train people, for a living I should have no issue with this, right Wrong I took an extended break from structured training, I’ve been committed to walking and […]


Invest in yourself for 12 weeks

31st May 2017

Contrary to popular belief Spending more time and more energy on a problem does not always equal the results that you want to see Weight loss is one of those things… Where time and effort invested are not always proportional to results It completely depends on WHERE you are putting in the effort If you’re […]

core work


27th May 2017

MYTH #12 SIT UPS WILL GIVE YOU A FLAT STOMACH How to get flat toned abs….??? The eternal question Contrary to popular belief… Doing endless crunches and sit ups won’t get you the stomach that you want In fact, if you want to get that flat stomach Doing endless ab workouts will actually increase the […]

pull ups


22nd May 2017

MYTH #9 – THE MORE YOU SWEAT, THE MORE YOU BURN FAT FALSE I’ve seen this myth play out with disastrous consequences Sweating is a product of working hard Your body temperature rises And your body tries to cool down by sweating, which then evaporates off the skin Having an internal cooling temperature on the […]