Endorphins and the X factor

Ever done something cause you have to, then realised that it was the best thing you could have done?

After my bed bound 48 hours last week my immune system must be having a laugh cause I now have a sore throat and an almost chesty cough

Despite waking up feeling like someone had taken a razor to my throat I got up and headed down to DMU to lead the campus running session

I was croaky and uninspired

But if people come, I train them, end of story

I don’t like to let people down, and in my absence there is no one else to cover for me

One of the only less favourable bits about being self employed

The rest is GREAT

Like REALLY great :-)

I don’t know how these students do it

When I was a student you wouldn’t have caught me running at 7.30am

But more fool me eh!

So we went out for a nice steady run along the canal after some drills work inside

And the beauty of it was that this is the FIRST week since November that its been light whilst we run


And odd, I had grown quite accustomed to running in the cover of darkness

We had a tough one with some technique work followed by some fast intervals

Not helped by my severely decreased lung capacity today

All whilst dodging the rowing club, bikes, dogs and the people walking to work

But at the end we all felt great!

And had fun doing it too (well I did :-D )

And I drove home in high spirits

So much so that I was happily singing full volume to my CD only to find that the people in the car in front were laughing raucously at me

So I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw the girl in the car behind doing exactly the same

Apparently my happy singing was catching this morning

All I know is, I felt terrible when I woke up

And after that run, I felt great

Cobwebs blown away and mood lifted, elated!

So you may not always feel like getting out there and doing your thing

But I promise you, it is worth it for the feeling after


That endorphins rush is unbeatable

Nicola ‘got the X factor’ Rossell