Poo in a cup parenthesis the chocolate experiments

Chocolate usually inspires joy, right?

I like to play around with food and try different things

I try to provide 3 new recipes ideas each week for my clients

And show them that it isn’t boring or difficult to eat well

It is my belief that we should all find ways to enjoy food and look forwards to our meals

So last night

I was trying out a recipe for a chocolate avocado pudding

How hard could it be, I thought

Its basically just blending ripe avocado and a few other ingredients together



Well the first hurdle was figuring out how to use my fancy kenwood blender

After 10 fruitless minutes of frustration I just did it all by hand

Back to basics -> the key to most things!

So I whipped up this healthy ideas dessert

Problem is

And I have to be realistic about this

They look like cups of poop

This is not appetising, if you were unsure ;-)

So I don’t think they are going to take off

Or i’ll have to get some opaque cups to present them in

They do taste GREAT

But I know what most people are like about food

It has to look good before you even want to try it

I guess the lesson here is that not everything that you try will turn out like you expect

Or even if it does it might not look too appetising

But as in this case

I encourage you to give new things a try

EVEN if they look like cups of (chocolate) poo

Nicola ‘potty mouth’ Rossell

PS Whaddaya think…answers on a postcard please

chocolate avocado puddings