Progress isn’t always what it seems

‘Progress for progress sake must be discouraged’
Anyone know where that quote came from?

I was prowling on facebook yesterday

I rarely do this nowadays because I don’t have the TIME ;-)


Read yesterdays email if not!

Facebook is one of those things that I refuse to qualify my time for, If I have a spare 5mins

And I have no book to read

Or here’s a cray thought, a real person to talk to…

Then I may give facebook a peak

It can sometimes be useful for sharing info and picking up good ideas

On this occasion I struck gold

I saw an old friend and work colleague

This chap, lets call him Steven

Has been VERY overweight since I can remember

We went to school together and he was always know as ‘Big Mac’

His last name starts with ‘mac’

Clever eh

Aren’t teenagers great!

I saw on the ‘ole facebook that Steve has undertaken some changes and has dropped about 2 stone and is feeling much better about life!

Steve, to clarify, has MUCH further to go

But this is great news, I had always been somewhat concerned about Steve’s health status

So this development is welcome news to my pricked up ears

I got in touch with Steve

Simply asked him what he had changed to bring about this progess

He came back to me and generously shared his methods with me

The doctor had put him on 2000kcal per day

With an exercise prescription of 500-600 kcal 6 days per week.

So lets assume that Steve eats 2400 just to be generous

Typically we all underestimate what we take in, and we can vary by <20% so that is what I will go on

With a deficit of 500 (being conservative) he is on 1900kcal per day

This is a chap who weighs 19.5 stone

To bring some context in here, I weigh 9stone 9 and I eat MORE than Steve is eating right now and I exercise less

Something is not adding up here

Yes, Steve is getting results

But at what cost?

Undercutting your metabolism so drastically will only ever lead to distress and problems further down the line

But its so hard to get someone to understand that when they are seeing results SO quickly and they are feeling better

For now

Eating less and moving more  IS NOT A SOLID THEORY

Where do you progress that to?

Eating NOTHING and running MARATHONS every day

Just to maintain your weight


There is MORE to it than that

What about sleep, recovery, basic energy needs for your ORGANS and tissues and muscles to keep you alive!

I don’t want to turn this email into a giant essay

But I just want YOU to think about your own energy balance

And people around you

And just think about this

It took you YOUR age, to get to here

Reversing any biological, physiological or psychological factors


And fast fat loss is NOT the way to do it

Nicola ‘ranty ranterson’ Rossell

PS If you want to know HOW to achieve SUSTAINABLE fat loss I am launching a new programme VERY soon so stay tuned

PPS I did contact Steve with my concerns and he very graciously consented to consider them, he COULD have told me to keep my big fat nose out of his