How badly do you want to survive?

Survival in the wild is not all that different to surviving in life

I watched that Bear Grylls programme the other day where he is teaching celebrities how to survive in the wild

Some of them are pretty useless

But I know I would be almost equally as bad

I hate creepy crawlies

I run a mile and shudder for hours if a spider crossed my path

I don’t like getting my hands dirty

And I hate being cold

The programme got me thinking about the things we have to go through in life

And how strong we are

We all have stuff going on

Some more than others

I am relatively lucky to be in a drama free period of my life

I know that will change in the future

Drama is guaranteed as much as we are guaranteed rain here in the UK

Stuff happens

Births, deaths, events, emotions and strife

It does not make you a better person or a worse person

What defines you and the way forwards is how you deal with it

Run and hide?

Or stand and fight?

Or just quietly put one foot in front of the other and continue moving forwards

Even taking a few shuffles left and right are ok sometimes

As long as we don’t move backwards

It IS inevitable that we have the occasional back slide – and don’t beat yourself up for this

But make sure you catch yourself before it becomes a journey down an old road

Bear Grylls eliminates the contestants based on their ability to survive

If he doesn’t think they can survive the next day they’re out

And his decisions are based on strategy and logic, nothing emotional

Strictly safety first

We only get one chance at life

And taking risks with our health every day

And not taking this life seriously is paramount to being neglectful

There is so much information out there now, that we cant fail to be a health concious society

But we need to be a health concious society that takes that first step towards change

Bear Grylls makes them drink their own urine as a survival technique

He also made them eat live scorpions (minus stings)

What are YOU prepared to do to make sure you survive this AMAZING life?

Nicola Rossell

PS. I am definitely not suggesting that you start drinking your own wee TO BE CLEAR!

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