Negative self talk

The power of your words and thoughts is incredible

I’ve always had a bee in my bonnet about maths

I remember in primary school being so confuzzled by numbers that I tried to cheat on a maths test

When I went out to the bathroom I spotted a calculator on the table and I tried to use it to cheat

Yes that’s right, little 8 year old me, got caught cheating!

I was always so desperate to be the 100% girl

I always wanted to win and any less was not an option

This has followed me around for my entire life

I still consciously avoid numbers where I can which isn’t always possible for me

But how much of my aversion to maths is actually a true lack of understanding

And how much of it is because I tell myself that I CANT do it?

Thinking back to my maths related ‘career’ I did ok at GCSE getting an A in maths and A in statistics

Not the signs of someone suffering from lack of maths smarts

I still didn’t feel confident

I managed to get through a degree that included a lot of chemistry and biomechanics, they are some pretty horrific calculating based modules – and I did ok there too

But I still live day to day, telling myself that I am no good with numbers

That I suck at math

I want you to think now about what you tell yourself every day

When you look in the mirror do you see a remarkable human being


Do you look away in disgust and exclaim that you are ugly, fat, worthless?

Your psyche is a powerful tool

If you tell yourself something every day, you will eventually believe this to be true

I can’t count the number of people that I work with who have such negative self talk habits

It’s time to flip this on its head

I want you to look in the mirror and take your deepest fear or quibble with yourself

And tell yourself that you are worthy, you are strong and you are deserving of a great life and a happy life

No matter how ridiculous it makes you feel

And really what does it matter cause no one is there but you

No one else is in your head

No one else knows that you hate your tummy, or your thighs, or your wonky eye or your curly hair!

More often than not we are creating these negative thoughts in our own mind

And reinforcing them day after day

So lets work on this and turn it around

I promise you that if you keep saying positive things about yourself you will eventually start to believe in those too!

You CAN find something that you love about yourself

It might start off small, but the more we can work on this

The more you will discover there is to love about yourself

Nicola ‘buzzin’ Rossell

PS I told myself that I rock at maths today and it feels great, I might even go and do some sums for the hell of it – just because I CAN!