Objectively assess your progress!

Can you look objectively at yourself?

I feel like I have been harping on a lot recently about certain subjects

But this, I do feel is important to really drive the message home

We all have this expectation of ourselves, of our progress and how fast or slow it is showing itself up

Firstly, YOU will be the last person to see ANY progress that you make

I don’t know many people who LOVE looking at themselves naked in the mirror

But for those of you who use the mirror for your gains, kudos – it takes someone strong to really assess themselves OBJECTIVELY in this way and to really notice real chages

The key word there, was OBJECTIVELY

Can you actually see yourself changing?

Or do you just see the same old physique that has haunted you for weeks/months/years or even a lifetime

Some of us are INCAPABLE of seeing the good stuff, even when it is happening right under our noses

But to be fair, it is difficult to track progress in the mirror, if you see yourself every day you just dont notice

And it can be demoralising

Its like having kids, you see them every day, its only when relatives that you see once a month comment on how much they have changed that you realise!

Please please please start to apply this logic to yourself and YOUR progress

If you are training for a 10km race, you wont go from walking to running 10km over night

It just doesn’t happen that way -> and if you did that, come back to me and tell me how much you hate running right now

If you are training for fat loss, you don’t go from pudgy to cover model ready, over night

These things take time

To throw in a really cheesy quote

‘nothing worth having, comes easy’

And I would add ‘or quickly’ to that too!

I see this so much, and it needs to be addressed

If this journey is worth something to you

If you are doing it for a good reason

Apply a bit of reason, common sense, reality – call it what you want

Recognise your progress – however small it may seem

Take the compliments that are offered to you

Record your breakthroughs

Which can come in all shapes and sizes you know

Even if it is something as simple as: you didn’t turn to chocolate in a stressful situation like you normally would

Or you got through a rough patch without beating yourself up for being a failure

These are BIG and you need to recognise these moments for what they are

They are progress

It does come in all shapes and sizes

And its not neatly packaged in ‘inches lost’ or ‘body fat reduced by’ labels!

There is more to it than that

You’re in it for the long haul (i hope)

If you’re not, then you know where the UNSUBSCRIBE button is

Start patting yourself on the back for the small stuff

And the big stuff will happen in time

Nicola ‘rantasaurous rex’ Rossell