Ask yourself what will be different?

My blog yesterday was a bit of a thought provoker

Well I hope it was, and I hope it got you thinking about the why’s and wherefores and what makes you, you!

Part of our conversation was about the topic of the year so far

Or it seems

No one can escape it

50 shades of grey!

I have to admit I am morbidly curious about this movie

I have read the books, but I am a complete book worm

And this got me thinking about how our expectations can affect how we feel about an outcome

I had a lot of time to think whilst spending 48 hours in bed this week

I have been burned before by book to movie conversions

I hate change

To be clear I don’t hate progress

I just hate change

When I have imagined something to be a certain way

If the reality is different

I just get so disappointed

So I feel like if I see this movie, it will have absolutely no chance of living up to the picture of the characters that I painted in my head

(and probably be a permanent stain on my credit card bill as well!!)

Is this how life is sometimes too?

When we set goals and work towards achieving them

Is the reality simply not what we envisioned

Yesterday I discussed the possibility of not being able to attain perfection

Or at least, the prospect of perfection to be something so changeable and subjective that it is perhaps too difficult to define exactly what it is, or when we get there!

But what if we have this idea of perfection

And when we reach it, it is just not what we thought it was going to be

I see this a lot with women in particular who set themselves a goal of for example

Being 8 stone

The first question that I ask them is, ‘how do you think your life will be different when you reach this number?’

Will you feel great, will your sleep be quality, will all of your relationships be solid, will you be in love with yourself?

And you should be

The first step to making any progress is loving and respecting the power of your body and your mind

Keep asking yourself that question

What do you think will be different when you reach x% body fat, or ‘x’kgs on the scales?

Will you be happy?

I know that when I have a big expectation about something, the reality rarely lives up to the expectation and that can be crushingly disappointing

Please don’t think  I am suggesting that you shouldn’t dream big!

Do dream big, and far and wide!

But don’t get stuck in this cycle of fixation on a number and forget the other things that are important in life