Light bulb moment, why your progress may be stagnating

I’ve heard this a lot recently…

‘I just want to reach ‘x’ weight and I’ll be happy’


‘The numbers on the scales just aren’t going down…’

When I hear my clients saying this to me, it makes me feel sad

And not because it appears that they are not making progress

But because they are missing the key concepts that are linked to long term progress

And I’m ALL about the long term!

So I usually follow up with these questions:

‘How are your energy levels recently?’ – Um good actually, i feel great

‘How are your clothes fitting’ – Oh I actually managed to fit into some jeans that I haven’t tried on for years


‘Are you sleeping well, you know right through the night and waking up feeling great?’ – Um Yes I am

‘Are you getting compliments from people about your appearance’ – Oh yeah I’ve had loads of people say how great i’m looking

‘Are you eating more food than you ever thought you could and still looking fantastic?’ – YES YES YES

‘Are you stronger than you have ever been?’ – yes

And its about here that the look of recognition lights up in their eyes

‘Oh……right, so the scales really aren’t that important…??’


I love those light bulb moments, the realisation that you can step on the scales without feeling awful

or even, not stepping on them at all.

Judge your progress differently

Are you feeling fitter, happier, healthier

Is your energy high all day because you are feeding your body loads of nutrients

Are you sleeping soundly because your body knows it needs to recover during this time!

Are you running further and faster then ever before?

Are lifting heavier weights then ever before?

There are lots of ways to measure progress

Nicola ‘the scale destroyer’ Rossell

PS. I am going to be running a competition soon so keep your eyes peeled for the details