Taking action

Taking action is key in bringing about long term change

If you are unsatisfied with aspects of your life, you will need to affect change in some way or another!

I talk a lot (true ;-) ) … about taking action

Do I follow my own advice?


It is easy to say things

‘I will start eating healthily on Monday’

‘I WILL go back to the gym this week’

‘I’m going to get to bed earlier this week’

We all say things, and we probably for the most part genuinely mean what we say!

But we are absolutely terrible at following through on things

Life just gets in the way and our best laid plans, … well you know the saying!


Recently I have actually been pretty good at setting myself some targets and following through on them

I planned to leave my safe job at the shop,  and go full steam ahead with my business! I set the end of Jan as my target for this and by gum I did it, I handed my notice in (which was terrifying) and worked my last day there on Friday 30th Jan!

I planned to make a plan for my time, and I now have set hours for work, play, sleep and a plan for what to do in my work time – this may seem a little OTT but it works for me!

And that’s the key

No matter how many books your read on how to design your life

No matter how many facebook posts you see about productivity

No matter how much great advice you get about changing

Nothing will work if

a – you don’t actually give it a crack

b – be prepared to can it, if it doesn’t work for you


If you follow a plan that just isn’t fitting in to your life

Ditch it, or tweak it until it does work for you

Don’t make your life fit the plan, make the plan fit your life

And I promise you, whatever it is you choose to change – will just become a whole lot easier!

My most recent promise to myself/goal was to hire a marketing coach by the end of Feb. I have no good reason to wait, so I am getting a jump on this one and taking the leap tomorrow!

What in your life can you accelerate?

At least make one thing happen this week that will make a difference in your life!

Take action!

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A really great book by the way is:

Michael Heppell – How to have a brilliant life

It won’t disappoint!