Clothing size – does it really matter?

Clothing size  – does it matter to you?

How many times have you gone from shop to shop cursing because you are a different size in each one?

How many times have you bought something that you actually hated but it was a size smaller than you usually wear?


Judging yourself by your clothing size, is in many ways like putting value on how much you weigh. It is not a healthy way to assess progress.

Obviously we all have to wear clothes, and when they fit right and we look good then we feel good too! So it is important that we get what is right for us.

But that’s the key here, how likely is it that in a world where we are uniquely different, that all of the popular clothing shops are going to make clothes that fit our shapes and sizes perfectly. It is simply impossible. Clothes shops make clothes according to a guideline and scaled up and down to create a size run. Our bodies are not shaped along a guideline!

One of the things that would be ideal would be to get custom made clothes, why not, if you can afford the tailor, they will make great looking clothes that fit your shape perfectly. We feel comfortable in clothes that fit us, and it gives us confidence to know we look good. Worth the money!


If this is not an option for you, consider what really matters, does it matter that you squeezed into a size 10 when really a 14 would be perfect? No one knows what size you are, and if knowing your clothing size de-values you in their estimation, I’d reconsider being acquainted with these sort of people. (We can learn a lot from teen drama movie Mean Girls about not being so mean to each other!)

The people you want around you will compliment you when you look great, and they will give you the confidence to wear your well fitted clothes no matter what arbitrary size label has been stitched in there.

Heres a solution, if it really matters to you, learn to sew and sew your ideal size over the label.

That’s essentially the same as what the manufacturer did, they decided that this size was this number and labelled it as such.

We are the ones who choose what this means to us.

So does it mean more to you to have an item of clothing that is a size you’ve been hankering after for years?

Or does it mean more to you to wear your clothes with pride and know that those around you are NOT judging you for your clothing size. We have better things to do!