Green Vegetables, love them or hate them, we need them!

Do you actually like green vegetables?

Eat your greens, that’s all we hear when we are young right. My memory of vegetables was mushy, yucky, weird tasting and strange textures. Desperate parents resort to the promise of pudding if we will just take 2 more mouthfuls of green stuff.

Now it’s commendable to attempt to get kids to eat veg, but are we creating a lifelong aversion to the stuff by confirming that yes indeed veg sucks, but if you get it down you can reward yourself with a pudding. But that’s a topic for another day.

Today I am just going to outline some simple ideas that make veg taste better and should help us to pile more veg onto our plates through choice, not coercion.

Veg can tasty if we try some of the following ideas:

A sprinkle of sea salt and/or black pepper generally gives a bit of flavour to anything, veg included!

A teaspoon of butter melted onto hot veg can make anyone’s mouth water!

Roasting veg generally makes it taste a bit sweeter (this is not just for green vegetables)

Stir frying veg with soy sauce gives a great flavour

Sautéing veg with garlic and ginger add a nice zing to any veggie dish

So give some of these options a go, and see if you can increase the amount of green veg on your plate!

One of my favourite green veg options over the festive period was brussel sprouts cooked with pancetta and garlic. It was absolutely delicious and inspired me to buy some in the next food shop!

If you have any great veggie recipes or tricks that you use to turn your food from bland into grand, then please share them with us! We love to hear from you!

If you really cannot get your green vegetables down then do consider a green’s drink to get those vital nutrients in!