What do you use when you reach breaking point?

Are you there, are you at your breaking point?

If you’re reading this blog post, its likely that you have reached breaking point, or one of your clients, friends, family has and you want to know what to do!

We all get there right? Things add up on us, and we inflate with anger, stress and it usually ends up with an eruption of a behaviour that we are not proud of.


Some of us run away

Some of us eat, and eat, and eat

Some of us take it out on our peers

Some of us destroy something that we love

Some of us just destroy something of no consequence

But in all of these situations there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

All of these reactions have a common theme, THEY DO NOT HELP YOU TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM.

They make you temporarily feel a bit better, until you have the double dip when you berate yourself for giving in to your emotion and feel like a failure.

What can I do then?

The advice I would give in this situation is the same as the advice that I would give if someone asked me about training, nutrition, health or anything else!

It completely depends on YOU. No one is better at knowing you, than you!


Find that person, that message that speaks to you!

And whatever that is, make sure you have it handy, you never know when stressful situations are going to strike! We live in a high stress society and we have learned some very negative ways of coping with stress.

So when things get too much for me, I need a bit of anger thrown my way, the perfect man for the job is Elliot Hulse. Now Elliot has a whole bunch of great videos about manning the fff up! This one is pretty good to remind you why we do the things we do, we are working to make ourselves better. The path to the strongest version of yourself do check it out, its pretty powerful.

Then I know that I need a slightly more gentle but still poignant reminder of why I chose this line of work and why I am working so damn hard to make a difference, even to one person. Ben Coomber Diet: The disease of our generation is pretty poignant heck its right on the money.

Do share these videos, and/or this blog if you found it helpful.

If you did, then someone else might benefit too.