Business, marketing, psychology and arrogance

Honesty alert

I am about to be startlingly honest here about my opinions when I was younger

I did not value the subject areas of Business, marketing, psychology and any of the other ‘wishy washy’ subjects in my oh so naive and ignorant youth!

At school I secretly scoffed at my peers taking these soft subjects and relished my choices of science, science and more science. I was so arrogant about this (secretly of course) and it makes me laugh now, cause the joke really is on me!

Learning a lesson

I was failing at my business, can you really call yourself a personal trainer if you are working 10 hours a week, and then making up the rest of the time working in retail for 20 hours, doing some unpaid coaching, teaching some generic classes and studying course after course after course???

I now realise NO, absolutely not. I’m going to go as far to say that I have never been a personal trainer.

Yes, I have the qualification

Yes I have and do train clients now – who I love to work with – but its not enough!

To qualify as a personal trainer in my own opinion now, I have to up my game…

I’ve raised the bar on myself!

What I have come to realise is that I have absolutely no idea about how to run a business, how to market my business, how to build relationships to grow my client list.

Its all….

The very same subjects that I so arrogantly turned my nose up at way back when (it wasn’t even that long ago haha)!

Moving forwards

I can forgive my arrogance slowly, because I am now learning about these areas and am completely fascinated by it!

Late to the game as usual Rossell!


How do you define yourself?

Don’t just reel off what you wrote on twitter ….really have a think and see if it fits in with your values and ideals!

Taking it to the next level

There are some great marketing companies out there who can teach you how to build your business, I admit I am referring these based on the free information that I’ve gleaned from them. I have not invested any money here yet because there are things that I need to do before I take my business to the next level that is provided by these people

NPE – Net Profit Explosion

Marketing Muscle Inner Circle – Paul Mort