Invest in yourself for 12 weeks

Contrary to popular belief

Spending more time and more energy on a problem does not always equal the results that you want to see

Weight loss is one of those things…

Where time and effort invested are not always proportional to results

It completely depends on WHERE you are putting in the effort

If you’re barking up the wrong tree, the results that you get might not be what you want!

I see this all of the time

Ladies pounding away on the stepper, the cross trainer, and the treadmill

Burning off those evil calories

Dieting hard, with the intention of fitting into that bikini, that special dress




How much time are you spending thinking about weight loss at the moment?

Thinking about the food that you are not allowed to eat

Thinking about the foods that you want to eat

Thinking how unfair it is, that everyone else gets to eat cake without gaining weight

Thinking about how you wish things were different

Feeling unhappy when you look in the mirror

Feeling like you don’t have the energy to hit the gym, again, tonight

Feeling fed up that you miss family pizza night, again…

Worrying about the example that you are setting to your kids

Worrying about whether your hubby still finds you sexy..

Wishing that those inches would just shift

Wishing that you didn’t have to slog so hard to get the results

Wishing that you could just know more, and workout the best way….



You are investing a lot of your mental energy into your weight loss problems

But you are investing it in the wrong place

In my humble, but always correct opinion!


Feeling anxious


Stressing….none of these things are adding up to putting you into a physical or emotional state to get the results that you want to see

In my ladies programmes I take you through 12 weeks of coaching

  1. Coaching on your mindset, where we invest your energy into taking care of you!
  2. Coaching on how to exercise smart for your mind and body for better, faster results
  3. Coaching on how to change the way that you feel about food, about your body and about your choices

Invest in yourself for 12 weeks……without losing time with your family and without losing the will to live doing boring exercise and bland diets….

And with my 100% money back guarantee

You will come out a changed person

Brimming with better health, bubbling with happiness and bursting with confidence

Join us -> email me back NOW and tell me that you WANT IN

And we will get your 12 week journey started!

Nicola ‘barking up the right tree’ Rossell