Hold on to your hats

Hold on to you hats

I have something big in the pipeline for you

I don’t want to give too much away

And I do so love to tease!

Keep your eye on your inbox for the next couple of days

And I will reveal all!

In the mean time, let’s have a chat about you

How are you doing?


How are you doing right now?

I want you to email me back and tell me

Be honest

Part of having a coach

Part of investing in someone like me

Is that you get to have an open forum for talking about how you feel

That might be hard at first

It might even be a little scary

Cause you’ve probably spent a long while keeping those thoughts locked up inside you

Hidden away

Presenting a mask to the world

So today I ask you not to invest in me

But to invest in yourself

Take 2 minutes to email me back and tell me about you

Where you are at

How you are feeling

And see if it makes you feel a little better to tell someone

Someone who understands

Someone who cares and WILL NOT judge you for what you are feeling!

I’m here if you want to have a chat

Just email me back