I talk psychology and the hierarchy of needs

I’m going to get down and dirty in some science today

The science of psychology wooooooo

This particular branch of science

Was one that I disdained for many years

Haughtily claiming superiority over all of my friends

Who chose to do psychology for the A level

I chose ‘actual sciences’ like chemistry and biology to study

And held the belief that psychology was just common sense

This was all to my detriment

My ignorant young opinionated brain eh

Personal training and coaching is 85% psychology

I just made that number up

But you get the point

Habit change

Which is essentially the crux of what I do with you…

Is 100% psychology (another made up number)

Your mind will be the factor that stops your body performing the action

So with that in mind (forgive the pun ;-) )

I want to share with you a psychological principle called

The hierarchy of needs

Visualise a wide based pyramid

We can categorise our basic human needs in this way

Starting with the base where we have our basic physiological needs

Food, sleep, water, breathing and sex

You know, to keep our species going and what not

Without these we die, or die out

Going up the pyramid the next step is ‘safety

We must feel safe and secure in all things physical and emotional

This can include job security, medical care, and financial security

Next comes the need for emotional connection

Belonging, loving and friendship

We must fulfil the needs ‘below’ to gravitate upwards

So we don’t form emotional connections until we feel safe

And we don’t fulfil our safety needs until we have our basic physiological needs sorted out

Try feeling safe, if you can’t breathe – get the idea?

Above emotional needs, comes self esteem

We need to feel like we matter

Like our time on this earth will make a difference

We relate words like self respect, achievement, recognition and reputation here

At the apex we strive to achieve our full potential and feel connected to the world

This we term ‘self actualisation’

To fully experience this we must embrace concepts like truth, justice, lack of prejudice, morality and wisdom

The point of all of this

Is to show you that we are on a constant journey of self discovery

Knowing yourself and your needs will be the key to being able to progress

If you are not interested in the psychology of change

Then like me

You will be held back from understanding what you truly need to accomplish

To get to the next step you need to have the foundations in place

Know where you are coming from

Know where you want to get to

I can help you fill in the gaps

Nicola Rossell


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