I talk about the devil being in the dose

It’s happened again

I’ve been hooked in by the Great British Bake Off

Some of the creations that I’ve seen this season are utterly phenomenal

Have you been watching?

This week they were tasked with making a cake without sugar

I’ve tried this before and I have to admit

Whilst I’m no top amateur baker

I couldn’t make it taste good

To my surprise they then said

But you’re allowed to use any other form of sweetener

Including honey, agarve, dried fruits…

So basically

They were allowed to use sugar

You see these things

Whilst they are not classically what we picture when we think table sugar

They do act in the same way in the body

And of course they do taste sweet too

This challenge was set for the bakers to test their flexibility when baking

But I think the misunderstanding about sugar

And where it comes from in our food

Runs more deeply through our society

Lots of things that are healthy contain sugar

Fruit contains sugar

Carbohydrates break down to sugar molecules

And we know that these things are healthy

In the right dosage

The devil is in the dose

There are no evil or bad food per-se

(how can food be evil??)

But it is the dose or portion that we consume

That often becomes the problem

If you don’t understand what you need in each meal

And each day

Then day by day

Week by week

You will be taking in sub-optimal nutrition

And this could mean weight loss

Or Weight gain

Or causing issues for your organs

‘how do I learn about this then Nicola?’

‘how do I separate all of the confusing information and know what I need to do each day?’

You invest some time in learning

I have a programme that might be exactly what you need

Ditch the diet is more than just a weight loss club

We don’t dictate, we educate

We build you up

And give you the power to take control of your weight and health

The clock is ticking…

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DTD Wigston


DTD Houghton