I talk about getting the body that you deserve

I talked about Mo Farah yesterday

And how we mere mortals should mirror his approach to lifestyle

In order to get the best results for our bodies and health

The heights of the Mo Farah’s of the world

May seem unreachable right now

But they all had to start somewhere, those athletes, those models

Anyone who has worked hard for a physique, started somewhere

Just like you

It’s easy to compare oneself to high performing athletes

And scare the crap out of yourself with how far you might have to go

But you don’t have to have the same goals

But you do have to have A GOAL

To be great at what you do….

You have to know what it is that you want to do!

And set down a suitable time frame achieving it

The most common thing that I see is ladies giving up

Because they are getting nowhere fast

Progress doesn’t always come in the number on the scale

Nor the inches lost around the waist and hips

Progress can come in all shapes and sizes

It is often masked as something so tiny that we can miss it

For example

Things we take for granted like getting upstairs without being out of breath

When you get fitter and healthier

You might not notice this

But it’s a big step

Having the confidence to wear the clothes that you love

Without feeling self conscious

This is a big step

But we can take it for granted the more progress that we make

Not paying attention to these small things….

Can make it seem like the big goal is too far away

And too hard to reach

If you don’t get any small wins along the way

You might risk giving up too soon

So many ladies give up on the cusp of greatness

On the edge of making that big breakthrough

Because it all seems too far away

The big goal is closer than you think

Working on it a little each day

And paying attention to

And giving credit to yourself for

The small things…

Is how you get there!

Don’t give up

Don’t become another weight loss failure statistic!

This is what we talk about in ‘ditch the diet’

How to recognise true progress

How to have that winning mindset

And it’s not about being happy clappy

And reading motivational quotes!

It’s about learning how to truly appreciate yourself

And how to get the best out of your lifestyle!

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Nicola ‘winning every day’ Rossell


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