I talk gratitude, bumpy rides and progress

Every night I fill in a journal and a gratitude log

I do this so that when times get tough

And if there is one thing we can rely on in life

Is that it won’t always be a peach

So we can pretty much strap in for the ride

Cause it’s going to be bumpy

I use my gratitude log to make sure that I remind myself

Of just how truly thankful I am for my life

And the things in it

The things that happen to me, my friends, my family

Whatever happened that day…..

That I was just damn grateful to experience it

And my journal is a log of each day

Sometimes its 2 lines

Sometimes its 2 pages

But it’s slowly recording my progress

So that when I have a down day

I can look back and recognise that actually I’ve made a butt load of progress

It’s super easy to forget what has gone before

And super super easy to dwell on the here and now

And if your reality today

Is that you are in a shitty mood

And you look in the mirror and hate what you see

And you feel depressed, fed-up and like nothing you are doing is making a difference

Having that journal

And having those grateful thoughts written down every day

Remind you of WHAT you have done

All that hard work

Even if you momentarily forgot about it whilst you lose yourself in the number on the scales

This is why I don’t encourage my ladies to step on the scales every day

Once a week is probably ok if you are losing weight

Because we can attach easily to that scale number

And it becomes us

Rather than focussing on making healthy choices

We focus on that number

Or that size

And we feel like crap if it goes up

When those scales tell you that you weigh a bit more….

It hasn’t undone all of that hard work

But your reaction to that arbitrary number can undo all of that hard work

It’s at that point that gratitude and journals play an important role

Because you have a record of exactly how far you have come

And when you read it

You’ll recognise that you are super woman

You just forgot your identity for a minute


Chin up

And walk tall

Because you are going places

Nicola ‘grateful’ Rossell


I teach all of this

And much much more

In ‘Ditch the Diet’

Where I take ladies who are chronic yo yo dieters

And turn them into mindful eaters

Who make smart decisions

I got a great email today from one of my DTDers

Showing me exactly how far she has come in 15 weeks!

It warmed my heart

Ill share it with you tomorrow

You can find out more by attending a free seminar

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and Houghton on the Hill