How to lose motivation

28th February 2019

Understanding how your mindset works is important Feeling de-motivated is not nice Despite knowing what you want to achieve, we often find ourselves going around in circles And it comes back to one simple thing: Your weight loss journey has to be about more than JUST weight loss This is imperative if you want your […]

RF Strike a better balance (that pesky moderation explained!)

8th July 2018

  A massive part of training with us at RF is balance Balance is such a blahhh word Just like moderation…. We just use it so much…and don’t really know what it means in practise?! Do you agree? So I’m going to clear things up And explain how we ‘do’ balance We kick things off […]


It’s not sexy

28th February 2018

My personal trainer PET PEEVES #1…. FAST FADS + FIXES I want to start by saying I am 100% committed to helping you get results I want you to get them as fast as possible BUT so often I see risky, questionable and dangerous practises and strategies that simply will leave you feeling MORE confused, […]

Challenge your direction

Why ARE you going around in circles?

24th February 2018

EVERYTHING WORKS Diets WILL help you to lose weight Workout plans WILL help you to get fit Training programmes WILL help you to change your life Fitness apps WILL help you perform better Meditation retreats WILL make you feel better So why are we constantly going around in circles? It is because we don’t have […]


Give yourself the credit and gain momentum

17th February 2018

Our brains are naturally set up to focus more strongly on the negative things Couple that with our intense social media obsession of comparing our lives and achievements to other people And we have a recipe for feeling pretty crappy So what can we do about it? (Other than reducing or usage of social media) […]


The Pied Piper of the sheep

16th February 2018

I was out walking in the hills of Tilton the other day It was one of our planned group walks that we include with our memberships I think walking is a great way to get fitter and stronger And to help with your weight loss….of course! So each week I organise a walk that any […]

core work

The rest is history

9th February 2018

I know I bang on about this all of the time But getting started on a health and fitness journey is ALWAYS the hardest part I have a friend who has tremendous potential in fitness He is a decent runner He can lift weights He can climb well But he struggles with motivation to get […]