Guilty pleasure central!

Do you have a cheeky guilty pleasure?

I don’t know about you

But I’ve found myself getting drawn into the drama of ‘love island’

I mean I don’t go out of my way to watch it

But when it’s on…..

Try as I might, I get suckered into the bizarre dynamics of the love island villa!

It’s utterly bonkers

Put a bunch of strangers together in a house and couple them off to win money

Who knew it would become so bizarrely fascinating

It was even on the news the other morning

But it really is a fantastic study of human behaviour

Coop up a load of people who are obsessed with their body images

And cue a disastrous mêlée of hormones, emotions and drama!

This is why I don’t focus on an aesthetic approach to weight loss with my ladies!

Yes of course we want to look our best; it HAS become important to us

(And I don’t entirely ignore this in my coaching)

BUT I place a MAHUSIVE emphasis on how YOU feel

Much more so than the number on the scales, and the desire to iron out every wrinkle!

When you go down the road of body image, weight loss, and striving for perfection…

It can end up becoming a bit of an obsession

The ladies that I work with are much happier

Much healthier, physically and mentally

When we get the focus on health, happiness and confidence

Which purely and simply is….

Making your health a priority when you make choices

Doing more things that make you TRULY happy

Building your confidence to know that you are making the best choices for YOU and the results that you want….

We find that the weight begins to drop off

The inches peel away

And a lady who is in love with her body and with herself

Doesn’t mind so much if she is not the Hollywood image of perfection

In fact, the freedom to enjoy food and separate from judgement, guilt and shame is LIBERATING

So this is what we are working for….!

If you would like to join this movement

If you want to know more

I am road testing a 6 week FREE training programme for 3 lucky ladies

You can apply on MONDAY

But if you want me to email you the EARLY BIRD APPLICATION tomorrow

Simply email me back today

And let me know that you want to be fast tracked!

As of Monday, this opens to the public

And I will be choosing the 3 ladies who fit the bill to join me in working on their HEALTH, HAPPINESS and CONFIDENCE

For accelerating their weight loss results!

Like I said… me back and tell me that you want in!