A literal sh*t storm

When I was in Spain last week

The farmers were spraying their fields with fertiliser

On its own, a necessary and innocent action

But when you couple that with the storms that Spain was having last week on the north coat

The fields leeched into the rivers

And the rivers into the sea

So I was surfing in a literal ‘sh*t storm!’

It was GROSS

And it smelt disgusting

Thankfully it only happened on the last day!

But it got me thinking about a few things

My primary thoughts were about water borne diseases and what not

But then it occurred to me that I could drag a good metaphor out of this for you

One simple action

One simple necessary action

Had a MASSIVE impact further down the chain

The farmers were just doing their job

But it had a really negative effect on the surrounding areas and the beaches

And that’s the thing….

We don’t really think of the impact that our actions have further down the line

We live in the moment a lot…and whilst it IS important to be mindful and live in the moment

It is also important to recognise where your actions might be causing a ‘sh*t storm’ inside your body!

And the effects that one simple action, one simple choice can have, on the rest of your lifestyle

How you feel is affected by the things that you do

If you feel like crap

Have a think about the choices that you are making!

And how these are leeching your energy, your mood or your health?

It doesn’t take a lot to have a big impact

This works both ways

You can take some simple steps and make a big difference in your health, happiness and confidence

Or you can continue making the choices that you are now

And stay the same

The choice is yours

But if you are living in a perpetual ‘sh*t storm’

You do have a choice

And it’s not as hard as you think to restore sunny skies!