I get things wrong ALL OF THE TIME

It’s not as scary as you think

Change is intimidating


I know myself and I hate change (you’re not the only one!)

Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different

It takes a really brave person to do that!

The biggest barrier in changing your life

Changing your reality

Changing yourself (if you want that???)

Is your mindset

We humans are full of self doubt (and self loathing)

We have a lifetime of experiences that have taught us that change can be associated with failure

And failure is painful

This is why I don’t like to look at anything we do here as FAILURES

It’s not helpful

And frankly, it’s holding you back from getting the results that you want to see

So I like to look at my decisions and choices as opportunities to learn

I get things wrong ALL OF THE TIME

I mean, seriously, I make a tonne of choices that don’t add up to getting the results that I want in my life

But if I looked at those as failures, I would end up feeling pretty bad about myself

And I don’t want that

I recognise that I am human

And I know for sure that I do my BEST

That is all that you can ever ask you know

That you do your best

So if you’ve been feeling like a failure

If you’ve been beating yourself up (maybe for years)

Try flipping that switch

And start recognising where you are doing good stuff too

What you pay attention to will affect your perspective

If you can set aside your ‘mistakes’ and just learn a little more about yourself at each opportunity….

You have a recipe for success

It takes practise and time

But without this

You’ll probably just end up in the same old cycle of self punishment

Is that what you want?