It’s a big myth

You are not always going to feel amazing

It’s a bit of a myth that when you are healthy and happy in your lifestyle

That you should always bounce out of bed with bundles of energy

That you should always feel elated and fantastic

That you should always have motivation to make the best choice

In fact, it’s not just a bit of a myth

It’s downright misleading….because

You are still going to get sick

You are still going to have hormonal fluctuations

You are still going to feel like you can’t be bothered sometimes

You are still going to have highs and lows with your energy

The difference though

Between someone who is healthy, happy and confident

And someone who makes choices through a lack of confidence that don’t add up to health, happiness……

Is that YOU will be able to shake it off really quickly IF you have worked on your




Let’s face it

When we ‘get healthy’ we are STILL human

We have emotions


A bad night’s sleep

Daily challenges and stresses….

It’s unrealistic to expect a PERFECT lifestyle…

BUT what you could expect is a lifestyle where you feel CONFIDENT

Confident that the choices that you are making are helping

A lifestyle where you LOVE and RESPECT yourself, where you are HAPPY

A lifestyle where you feel HEALTHY in mind, body and soul

Where you recognise that the good and the bad days are all part of the process

And you don’t punish yourself for that!

When you feel like this (and this IS possible!!!)

The bad days won’t become bad weeks

The frustrations won’t lead to self loathing and sabotage

The bad night’s sleep won’t lead to scoffing your face the next day

The daily stresses won’t build up to exploding point

So if you’re struggling with this right now

If you feel like you’re always on the edge of disaster and failure….

Talk to me about the things that you could do

A lifestyle where you feel healthier, happier and more confident

Is just around the corner

You just have to take a different route to normal to get there