Have you lost your purpose?

Do you have a purpose?

A few years back I was lost

I was confused about what I wanted

I was always reaching out for more more more

But I never really knew what I wanted

So, I failed (in my own eyes)

Over and over again

My sense of self worth was at an all time low

My sense of achievement was zero

And I didn’t know what to do….

I knew that I felt bad

I knew that I wanted things to change

But I just didn’t understand HOW that was going to happen

I was trying my best

It was not for lack of trying that I was feeling this way

…can you relate to that?

Have you felt that way?

Do you feel that way now?

It’s actually very common

And you’re not alone in this!!!

Things CAN change

They did for me!

And it wasn’t as hard or scary as I thought

All I did was reach out to someone for help

Someone like me…

Someone who showed me the way forward and explained to be where I had been beating my head against a brick wall

Someone who helped me to find my true purpose and HOW to achieve it!

You can have this too, with me….if you like?

But you’re going to have to be brave and reach out, just like I did!

And step out of your comfort zone

Because despite being unhappy, frustrated, fed up and lacking confidence….

You are comfortable

You are doing the same things, day in, day out

And whilst they may not be adding up to what you want to achieve ultimately…

You are not doing anything to change

And you WILL stay the same!

So when the time comes…when you feel like enough is enough

Just dip a toe in

Have a conversation with me, about change, about the things that you could be doing

This will cost you nothing and could start you on the path toward what you have been seeking

Today could be that day

Or you could…..stay the same….

Either way, I’ll be here when you are ready for that chat!