We always say ‘remember remember the 5th of November’

But today is also a day to stop, reflect and remember

Remember those soldiers who fought for us to have this life that we have!

There is not much else to say today

If you have some time

Whether observing the countrywide silence at 11am for 2minutes

Or on your own time

Hold a vigil and just think

We so easily get caught up in other affairs

Social media battles

Internal wars with yourself

Grudges held against someone else

Take some time today to focus on what you do have

You are alive

You may have health, and the ability to improve this each day

You may have family, friends and people around you who love and live and share life with you

You may have more besides

But I urge you today

Put your focus into feeling some gratitude for what you do have

Even make a list if you like

A list of things that your life contains (no matter how big or small)

That would not be the same without the sacrifices made by our countrymen and women

I wish for you to have peace, happiness and health this day

And for as many days as we are lucky to be alive


Take care