Keep calm and have a cantaloupe

Autocorrect error

Have you ever been burned by this before?

The dreaded autocorrect mistakes

That can turn the most innocent of messages….

Into something that you would rather forget!

I had a funny one this weekend

I have been using a new programme to write these emails

And it has different autocorrect functions compared to using WORD, for example

For some reason the programme likes to guess what word you are writing and try to fill in the gap with what it thinks that you want to write

Useful sometimes

Not so useful if you don’t proof read your writing!

Lazy Nicola!

So I was reading through my email from Saturday morning when it pinged into my own inbox

And I realised toward the end that the software had corrected the word CAN




It was one of those moments where laugher was the only option

I hope that anyone who was reading, understood what I meant….

And had a good chuckle at my mistake!

At least it has taught me a lesson huh

Always proof read your emails before sending them!

Whilst we are on this topic

Laughter TRULY is the best medicine

It helps you to relax and remember that life doesn’t have to be too serious!

A big part of being successful is learning how to relax

To relax the rules

To relax your self flagellation

To relax your mindset and negative self talk

To relax FULL STOP

When you are relaxed

When you laugh more

You’ll see that weight loss does not have to take over your lifestyles

In fact ….

When you have happiness, health and confidence in your choices

You won’t feel so tense and anxious about 1lb here and there

Laugh more

Love yourself more

Keep calm and have a canteloupe

Nicola ‘melon lover’ Rossell