How to get REAL buzzed

I took my nephew indoor sky diving yesterday

What a thrill!

(I wish I’d booked it for myself too!)

I think I have serious Super Auntie points in the bag

He got such a buzz from it

(Almost the same high as giving him full sugar coke!)

It got me thinking

We DO have total control over our own happiness

We can either do things that make us laugh, smile, guffaw, chuckle or rofl

Or we can wallow

Wallow with low confidence

Wallow and sedate with booze, food and Netflix

Wallow and get fatter, unhealthier and unhappier

I know that getting out of the food Netflix sedation cycle is not easy

But it can be SIMPLE

Make some simple changes today

Make the choice to do things that make you feel good

And I guarantee you that you will start to feel better

  1. Drink more water
  2. Walk outside every day (even 10minutes makes a difference)
  3. Eat an extra vegetable each day
  4. Go to bed earlier
  5. And do something every day that makes you laugh!

These are not new idea

They are not magic fixes

They are SIMPLE but ESSENTIAL things that you MUST do if you want WEIGHT LOSS

And if you want




Do more stuff that makes you happier

Do more stuff that makes you forget to check your phone

Do more stuff that gives you a TRUE BUZZ

Not just a temporary sugar or wine buzz

Let’s recover this January

And take charge of our happiness

Let’s have MORE smiles

More giggles

More belly laughs

And trust me

You will find that your choices get a lot easier

When you feel happier

You will not find any conflict when it comes to taking care of yourself!

Nicola ‘giggling like a school girl’ Rossell