The reality of personal training – Jeyni’s Story

How did you feel before you started at Rossell Fitness and what inspired you to want to join us?

I was my heaviest when I began with RF. Like most I have been working from home since March 2020 due to Covid-19. Unfortunately, this resulted in me moving less & i noticed my body struggling to walk up 12 flights of stairs to my bedroom/ new office. I began to feel lethargic, unhealthy, unattractive & lacked in energy! 

I would usually walk every lunch time with my colleagues when I worked in the office. However, the fear of going outside & being in contact with others reduced the regular daily exercise I was having due to Covid-19. I feared contracting Covid-19 & infecting my family which had stopped me from going outside where I became Agoraphobic. I managed my food shopping like many by placing an online delivery due to the fear of going outside, as this was well managed in my eyes there was no reason to leave the house! Family & friends members had attempted to encourage me to walk in my area or a local park especially as we were lucky to have regular sunshine yet the fear of being outdoors in public scared me. 

I was connected to Nicola’s RF Facebook page since 2018 where I hoped to find a PT in my local area, but the universe was not supporting our collaboration yet!  In August 2020 I discovered Nicola had posted a free 90day challenge & I knew this was the time for me to make a change! I was ready to divert my mind positively during these unprecedented times. I was drawn towards the changes I will make in 90days. Despite the group being an online forum the members were supportive, friendly & motivating! I began to WALK & track my daily steps, account for the day & share this with the group members. 

Nicola provided regular support, motivation & useful tips & i knew she was the person to help me in my journey. Despite my daily involvement with the 90day challenge, in September 2020 I felt I needed more! The 90 day challenge was not over & it was September 2020 I had contacted Nicola with the hope of helping me to support with my weight loss & release the ‘happy hormones’ i had suppressed inside me. 

I met with Nicola to discuss my goals, targets & aim & attended a trial session with the Recharge ladies. After coming to my trial session I knew Recharge was for me fast forward five months later I am still a member!  


What changes have you made since we began and have those changes felt drastic or restrictive?

The implemented changes have been non restrictive. I will have the odd occasional treat without feeling guilty or ashamed. I’m not used to this feeling, it’s still new, but I’m enjoying it!

Nicola has helped me to understand portion control & to understand what my dinner plate should look & consist of. I began to make sensible choices where my brain & stomach are now collaboratively working together.  I would previously eat something despite listening to the affects this would have on my body.

I now avoid the foods which do not suit my body but this does not mean I have cut this out entirely. I have identified there are a variety of great tasting alternatives in the supermarket in aisles I may have previously avoided! I like having this new found freedom and confidence with my food choices.


What were your expectations of personal training before you started? (And how are they different if so)

My assumption of personal training was I would be given a food & fitness plan & my PT would request me to follow the plan. I had no idea my journey with RF would be a lifelong education, which has exceeded my expectations of personal training. 

Nicola provided a fantastic variety of tools before my journey had begun. This consisted of self reflective work which allowed me to think about my aims & objectives in a realistic manner. Nicola ensures she regularly checks in with me to reflect on my achievements. 

Nicola posts regular content in our private group Facebook page, which is stored into various units. This information is saved in an accessible format which I can access at my leisure. 

Not only has Nicola educated me with health & wellbeing, nutritional matters, but fitness too. A clear fitness plan is constructed & Nicola ensures my technique is correct & safe which will reduce any injuries. I am motivated throughout the session & praised on a regular basis, which has boosted my confidence greatly. As my trainer Nicola has reflected & will advise me when my technique has strengthened.  Hearing my developed changes gives me the motivation to continue to thrive. 


Do you feel that the changes you’ve made so far are sustainable?

The changes are lifelong & have adapted into my daily life very easily. This supports both me & my family so we can eat communally. My body has adapted to regular movement & despite the weather regular walks has helped me to feel mentally & physically better!

I can see myself doing these new things for a long time and it feels almost easy, and Nicola has made it clear that if my wants and needs change, we can adapt and encompass new interests and ideas.


How has training been adapted for the COVID lockdown since the RF gym in Oadby closed?

Nicola moved our sessions online without delay. We use Google Meet which is easy to access and minimal in the way of admin. Our sessions follow the same format as in the gym so that we keep a consistency and I like that because it will make our transition back to the gym easier to take in my stride.

Nicola allowed us to take whatever we wanted from her gym so that we could do effective workouts at home. We still focus on technique and we still leave each online session feeling like we did a good strong workout.

The only thing I miss is the element of leaving the house and having some ‘me time’ in the gym away from my home and my workspace, so as soon as Nicola can open her gym again, we’ll be back in and working hard. I enjoy training with the other women, so having that social chit chatting aspect is a real bonus and we bounce off each other!


What are your goals for the next months?


What would you say to other women who might be nervous and unsure about starting personal training?

YOU can do this! The journey will be a rollercoaster of emotions but the changes implemented within your mind & body is THE biggest motivation! The end of every day is a celebration of YOUR hard work , YOU made the change, YOU have implemented the changes & YOU are doing this solely with the correct guidance. 

You will be challenged in many ways & the strength which comes from within will bring a motivating drive to you! You will feel so great seeing the positive changes which come with the journey! 

Nicola supports me physically, but also mentally. Covid has affected us all so differently but she ensures my mental health is supported too! 

Life is so busy but as women we often forget to implement self-care! Not only will personal training with RF provide a social platform for you but the fixed sessions will incorporate ‘you time’ in your weekly schedule. 

Personal training is not a temporary change but a positive lifelong adaptation. If a person like me who struggled to climb 12 steps of stairs can do this, YOU can too! 


Is there anything else you want to add that you feel would tell your story and be helpful to anyone reading this?

Being a part of the recharge group has been a great journey for me. The team members are fantastic, they are inspiring, encouraging & very motivating. Although it may feel scary initially walking into a new surrounding with women you do not know each & every one of the members ensure you are well settled into the group. 

We have become a small family & I love spending 3 hours a week with them all. Each member encourages, praises & motivates you during session time. 

The group members consist of a mixture of backgrounds, ages & strength & I can greatly share each hold their own unique strength. I admire every group member where I hope to thrive as well as they do.


You can embark upon a journey like Jeyni’s with us either ONLINE or OFFLINE at our gym in Oadby, Leicester. As we move into 2021, and with fingers crossed that the gym can open again soon, we will be able to take on some new members.

If you’re interested, just pop a quick message in to us via this link -> FREE STRATEGY CALL and we’ll contact you as soon as we can!

If you have any questions about our programmes or about your own health and well-being, send us an email!