How to lose motivation

28th February 2019

Understanding how your mindset works is important Feeling de-motivated is not nice Despite knowing what you want to achieve, we often find ourselves going around in circles And it comes back to one simple thing: Your weight loss journey has to be about more than JUST weight loss This is imperative if you want your […]

Boost your self esteem (1/5)

22nd August 2018

Boost your self esteem And RECHARGE your weight loss RESULTS   I’m going to give you 5….yes 5 ways to boost your self esteem OVER THE NEXT 5 BLOGS When you make the connection between your self esteem (how much you love and respect yourself) and your choices And when it clicks in your mind […]


Leanne Baker: My Experience of Rossell Fitness

9th May 2018

LEANNE BAKER 30 days into training at RF Here is what she has to say about what we do: Diet, restrict, fattening, overweight, strict, binge, empty calories, junk food, rabbit food, stop, can’t, don’t – these are just some of the negative words associated with diet and fitness that you will NEVER hear from Nicola […]

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The straw that broke the camels back

14th October 2017

The straw that broke the camel’s back Do you know what is holding you back from losing weight? From being in control of your health and happiness? YOU It’s hard to hear It was certainly hard for me to hear when my own coach called me out on this too He grabbed me by the […]

Learning and education

Attend your own lectures

11th October 2017

Attend your own lectures What advice do you give to your kids? Don’t eat that, its bad for you! You need to get outside and off the sofa! You need to do your homework? You should eat more vegetables You need to drink more water and less pop You should treat yourself with more respect […]


Pumpkin spice and all things nice

8th October 2017

Autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons At least for the colours and the food (if not for the chills) Pumpkin pie Pumpkin pancakes Pumpkin spiced lattes (sensing a theme here huh) It also hosts 2 of my favourite events Halloween And bonfire night I just love the experience of both Particularly watching […]


We need to talk about US…….

6th September 2017

We need to talk (About us) This is probably the most difficult email that I’ve ever had to write But there is something that I need to tell you And it’s probably going to upset you. I think…. Sigh. I think we should take ‘a break’ Things between us? They just don’t feel right at […]

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The doors are opening again

5th September 2017

The doors are opening again I wanted to let you know that the opportunity is here again! And this email today is your chance to take advantage of a FLASH SALE There are 5 discount codes available But before we get to that….. Lets talk about what YOU get for your commitment….  ‘So what do […]