If it were easy ….

I love training people, I get to test peoples
thresholds every day

I like knowing that they tried their very best

I had two separate conversations this week about training
that resonated with me

One client expressed her disappointment at not being able to
complete a set (yes ONE set) which subsequently lead to a shame spiral

My reply was along the lines of 'get over it!'

Training is meant to be hard

You are not meant to be able to complete everything ALL of the time

Another client turned around to me all out of puff and said this stuff is hard hey!

To which I replied

'Indeed, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!'

I am not a hard ass with my clients

But I will not mollycoddle nor will I BS them

I am honest with them

If they are not working hard enough they will be told

If they are slacking, really I don't need to say anything because the results speak for themselves

When training and good nutrition is applied consistently and intelligently over a period of time

Results happen

But they don't fall out of the sky

You work hard for them

Changing mindset

Changing habits

Changing routines

All of this takes work

And that's before you even get in the gym or out for a run

The stuff in our sessions is important but it is not a patch on what it takes to achieve something outside
of an environment where I am there by your side supporting you

It takes guts

And sweat

And tears

An appetising recipe for success no?

But what you get afterwards

The smiles

The laughter

The self confidence

The strength

Its all worth it

Every day that you get out of bed and make a step towards being great

Is another day that you are lapping those that are just vegging on the couch watching friends re-runs

(not that friends isn't great - - - it so is!)

So next time you 'fail' a set think about the rest of the hour of work you just did

How does that 'failure' feel in the grand scheme of things?

Sure this 3 minute interval circuit has been tough

But you just told me that you had a great race at the weekend where you had noticeable improvements
in your core, strength and balance

That's what I call WINNING

Set backs are only what you make of them

If you think that missing a set is a big deal, then it will be

But think on this...

If I see you cruising through a set - what do you think I am going to do to your programme next week?

You can be dammed sure that it will be getting tougher!

That's called PROGRESS :-)

Nicola 'hard ass' Rossell