Have a break, not necessarily a kitkat

I took a break over the weekend

I went to visit a friend in London

It was great

I didn't have my emails

I didn't have any work planned

And I could switch off and relax and let my mind free

I realised that I have been working pretty hard on things of late

This weekend opened my eyes to how valuable time away can be

Time out of your normal environment

Meeting new people

Doing different things

Giving your brain and body something different to focus on for a while

I don't think we as a society take enough breaks

For whatever reason

Our perception of time



We tend to stick to our comfortable places and even worse sometimes

We don't even leave the desk at lunch time for a break away from the screen

Taking a break from what you are doing is absolutely key

It will re-charge your mind

I am reading a book at the moment called 'that one thing'

Its pretty great and it talks about productivity

If you imagine your productivity or will power to be like a tank of gas

If you keep driving your car, it gets empty

If you keep using your mind, your productivity wanes

And your will power to stay on task drops too

Sometimes to empty

So this is why we need to have breaks, to recharge, to refill the tank

They did some pretty interesting experiments with people on this subject

I'll share those with you tomorrow!

But for today, just take a break, even if its just 10mins to walk around your

Even if you just poke your head outside and get some fresh air

Taking a break will guarantee that your afternoon starts more productively

And you will feel much better for having done it

I know I feel refreshed after this weekend

Even though we lost an hours sleep!

Nicola 'breaking bad' Rossell