I talk taking action, adrenaline and Roger Federer

I am habitually a thinker

Much less of a do - er

My thoughts ping pong around my brain

Its like a ferocious game of tennis between federer and nadal!

Sometimes its hard for me to catch up

I think something one second

Then I forget it instantly the next

Despite being convinced in that second that it was the most important thing!

But I am comfortable thinking

I relish my thought process

But it does hold me back

It makes me less of an action taker

I know this because I fear action

Because action = change

There is one big important thing here though

I don't let the fear of change hold me back

It's really easy to do that

If you feel that fear

You can just decide it will be too painful

Or too conflicting

Stir up too much feeling

That its not worth it

When I feel fear

It's usually of the unknown

I generally don't fear things that I have experienced before

Because I know how to manage them

I have developed a system to control how I feel in those situations

But in new experiences

Boy that is a kicker

I literally feel my adrenal glands jet out adrenaline!

I can feel it flooding my system

And I genuinely feel like a deer in the headlights

Am I going to flight or fly

My pulse raises and I get clammy

And this is not necessarily related to anything that you might perceive as stressful

For example...

Yesterday I made a big step towards making one of my projects happen

I now have a premises for it

So its going to happen

After the phone call to close the deal

Man alive I was a mess

I was jittery

My concentration was at an all time low

I am plunging myself into the unknown

Its my time to sink or swim

But what I also know is that whenever I have had this feeling in the past

Amazing things have come out of it




So what in YOUR life are you scared of

Are you holding back on something because you are scared

Letting something pass you by because you're a fraidy cat?

I challenge you to tackle it

Take it on

You don't know what might be waiting for you when you do!

Nicola 'I feel alive' Rossell

PS Eyes peeled for my new project, will be printing promo this week! And then onwards and upwards!