I talk about laptops, the new me and brain power

My laptop is slowly dying on me

I’ve written this email three times already

Once on my laptop then it died before I saved it

Once on my tablet, where the screen refreshed and I lost it all again

And one on my phone where I got half way through with the tiny screen and gave up

Giving my laptop one more chance before I launch it at the wall

And head to PC world

A while back

I would have let this ruin my day

But I now have strategies in place to help me overcome my petulance

Deny my rage

And work to see the silver linings

I have worked hard on my mindset

And I can tell its paying off

Because my old go-to reactions are less strong

My newer more positive reactions are winning

For example

If my laptop had died mid writing without saving

The old me, would have been all negative

Why is this happening to me …. La la la

Sound familiar?

The new me understands more

This is probably happening to me because my laptop is really old

And I’ve bashed it around in my day

So really it’s a wonder it hasn’t broken before now

Reflecting on my coffee spill

The old me would have cursed my bad luck

The new me knows that it was my own stupid fault

Taking responsibility for the things that we do is important for moving forwards

If you are unhappy with something in your life

[barring random ill health that cant be helped]

Usually it can be traced through a series of actions

Your beliefs feed your actions

And your thoughts innervate your beliefs

So most of your current reality is down to things that you have thought, believed and subsequently done

For example

I don’t think this doughnut will harm my attempt at getting a 6 pack

I think I can eat this 4person shepherds pie to myself and not gain fat

I think that I can skip out on exercising because those health scares only happen to other people

We can convince ourselves of anything at all

It all starts with a thought

So I understood that by reversing my thought process in certain areas

I could reverse my actions in certain areas

When something goes wrong now

I go out of my way to find a silver lining and make myself laugh

The opposite emotion of sadness or anger

If my laptop breaks, I get to buy a nice new shiny one

And it will be better and quicker

Not a bad silver lining

If I cant work on my laptop inside today

Then I sit out in the garden doing different work

Maybe using a pen and paper – going old school

The power of your mind is your greatest tool

Use it and you just might end up somewhere amazing

Programming your mind to reinforce positive thoughts is absolutely key

You can convince yourself of anything

Mindset is something I will be covering at length in ‘Ditch the Diet’

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There is light at the end of the tunnel

We’ll find those silver linings

Nicola ‘a whole new person’ Rossell