What to do if you don’t have time to exercise…

29th January 2020

It’s a bit of a fallacy that we have to blast our exercise out in one fell swoop   This might sometimes feel more efficient….   But in reality, it’s not always going to be possible   With all of the balls that you are juggling (family, social life, kids hobbies, work, pets, parents etc)….. […]

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Don’t punish yourself….

13th August 2019

Don’t punish yourself for things already done….I hear a lot of this going on in the gym I need to work off that bingeI must work off that hangover These are things that can’t really be undone (I’m not saying that you can’t make positive healthy choices off the back of a period of time […]

This is how you are like Zac Efron

28th July 2019

Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ ?   I watched it (again) last weekend and it blew me away (again!)   I am a sucker for a musical and I just love how many really strong messages we can draw from a good story   The basic premise of the movie is […]

Pride and accomplishment

11th May 2019

When was the last time that you felt proud of yourself? I want to know because it’s such a powerful feeling…. Pride in something that you’ve done…. Pride in actions that you’ve taken to get something that you want…? I taught my friend to play the guitar this week Just the basics (I’m no Jimi […]

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The dark side

2nd March 2018

My personal trainer PET PEEVES #3…. THE DARK SIDE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Comparing yourself to other people is still one of my #1 pet peeves. However in our society And just being a human being…. It’s pretty much unavoidable On the one hand… It can be amazing for getting ideas and trying new things that […]


It all starts with a thought

18th January 2018

Have you ever given much thought to your thoughts? And how your thoughts affect your actions You’re here reading this because I talk about weight loss And I help ladies to lose weight (and keep it off for good!) And you’re hoping that by reading, and learning You will be able to emulate the results […]


I know how you are feeling

6th November 2017

I wanted to tell you about a true phenomena This might surprise you But this phenomena is the power that you HOLD in your hands The power to change your reality Let me have a guess Right now…. You’re feeling…….(let me rub my crystal ball and shake the magic 8 ball…) You’re feeling frustrated Frustrated […]

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I know what you’re thinking

19th June 2017

I know what you’re thinking You missed out on all of the GREAT content that I put out last week Well, I knew it! So here it all is, packaged and tied up in a neat little bow Here are the LIVE videos from last week Each one a teeny tiny investment into yourself One […]

Why are you wasting this life feeling like crap?

9th June 2017

Yesterday I asked you if you had ever thought about personal training And I gave you a verbal snapshot into how things fly at Rossell Fitness Now I may or may not be the coach for you… But here is some FREE advice straight from me to you What I need you to understand is […]