Pride and accomplishment

11th May 2019

When was the last time that you felt proud of yourself? I want to know because it’s such a powerful feeling…. Pride in something that you’ve done…. Pride in actions that you’ve taken to get something that you want…? I taught my friend to play the guitar this week Just the basics (I’m no Jimi […]

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The dark side

2nd March 2018

My personal trainer PET PEEVES #3…. THE DARK SIDE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Comparing yourself to other people is still one of my #1 pet peeves. However in our society And just being a human being…. It’s pretty much unavoidable On the one hand… It can be amazing for getting ideas and trying new things that […]


It all starts with a thought

18th January 2018

Have you ever given much thought to your thoughts? And how your thoughts affect your actions You’re here reading this because I talk about weight loss And I help ladies to lose weight (and keep it off for good!) And you’re hoping that by reading, and learning You will be able to emulate the results […]


I know how you are feeling

6th November 2017

I wanted to tell you about a true phenomena This might surprise you But this phenomena is the power that you HOLD in your hands The power to change your reality Let me have a guess Right now…. You’re feeling…….(let me rub my crystal ball and shake the magic 8 ball…) You’re feeling frustrated Frustrated […]

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I know what you’re thinking

19th June 2017

I know what you’re thinking You missed out on all of the GREAT content that I put out last week Well, I knew it! So here it all is, packaged and tied up in a neat little bow Here are the LIVE videos from last week Each one a teeny tiny investment into yourself One […]

Why are you wasting this life feeling like crap?

9th June 2017

Yesterday I asked you if you had ever thought about personal training And I gave you a verbal snapshot into how things fly at Rossell Fitness Now I may or may not be the coach for you… But here is some FREE advice straight from me to you What I need you to understand is […]

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Here’s a slightly embarrassing admission

5th March 2017

Here’s a slightly embarrassing admission I did not learn how to cook until I was 26 Throughout my teenage and uni years I lived off a steady diet of Cereals (bran flakes were my absolute fave!) Super noodles and Jacket potatoes No wonder I ended up in such a pickle Pretty poor show for someone […]

Learning and education

Hi, are you still looking to lose some weight?

4th August 2016

I have the perfect thing for you! I am hosting a free ladies only educational weight loss event in Oadby, Leicester It’s going to be great! I will cover the main topic ‘why am I not losing weight?’ And you will have a chance to learn from me – a women’s weight loss specialist AND….ask […]


I talk about the dangers of mangos and emotional eating

5th September 2015

If you follow me on social media Which I don’t necessarily recommend that you do because I rarely post anything to be honest But yesterday you would have got a reet treat My photo of my bloody finger with the top sliced off If you’re squeamish then maybe skip this one and read tomorrows email […]