Stocking fillers for festive friends


If you’ve got a friend or partner or relative who is getting into their fitness I wanted to help you with some cool ideas for stocking filler gifts that they might appreciate


Before I get started I just want to let you know that I do NOT get any throwback from any of the products that I am sharing here, these are just things that we have found useful in our gym and at home and I wanted to share them with you


1. Resistance bands for mobility or stretching are a great addition to any warm up or stretch down and they don’t break the bank, you can usually get a decent band for around £5-8


We use these ALL of the time in our warm ups and they are useful at home too, for any stiffness created from WFH. When buying make sure that you are selecting the right level of resistance for the person that you are buying for (often they come in 3-4 different levels of resistance)


Link to band >> click here



2. Resistance bands for strength work are also a great addition for any aspiring fitness fan. These can be used for various different movements and are usually just a little more expensive than the type of band in number 1 because of the added resistance component for strength


Link to band >> click here



3. A foam roller is a GREAT addition for a bit of muscle recovery on days between gym sessions. They can also be used as part of warm ups and cool downs. Over the years we’ve tested SO MANY different types but our personal preference is the long foam roller WITHOUT the knobbly bits that can be quite aggressive on the body (although you’d need a pretty big stocking to fit this in hahah)


Link to foam roller >> click here



4. Workout gloves are great for grip and help to protect your hands on those rougher surfaces in the gym or at home, sometimes carpet can be nasty on the hands, also some barbells are quite rough to hold onto, so a nice pair of gloves just helps to keep the hands feeling a bit nicer


Link to gloves >> click here



5. For anyone getting a bit more serious in the gym with their lifting, something to think about for better grip would be liquid chalk. This is NON messy, which the gym owners will thank you for later, and it’s easy to apply and wash off whilst giving the person a really good grip on those weights or bars that they are working on. Additionally this was SUPER useful at the ninja warrior adventure centre that we went to recently. Gloves were doing nothing for me on this day but the chalk was perfect!


Link to chalk >> click here


So that’s all folks, I hope that gives you some idea of the gifts or items that could be useful to a fitness fan.


Happy Christmas shopping ;-)


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