What to do if you don’t have time to exercise…

It’s a bit of a fallacy that we have to blast our exercise out in one fell swoop


This might sometimes feel more efficient….


But in reality, it’s not always going to be possible


With all of the balls that you are juggling (family, social life, kids hobbies, work, pets, parents etc)…..


…..it’s probably going to be easier to fit in smaller bouts of exercise, spread across the day



How about 10 squats every time that you go to the toilet


How about a 5minute circuit routine whilst your porridge cooks in the morning


How about 20mins of yoga from a YouTube video as your dinner cooks in the oven


How about a walk to the end of the road in the middle of the adverts during your nighttime tv show


How about taking the stairs instead of the elevator? (this one is as old as time!)


How about 10 press ups before you get into bed


How about a walk up and down the stairs at work to use the bathroom on the floor above or below?


How about a 10minute walk at lunch time?


How about 10 burpees……only joking…no one likes burpees ;-)



We call these things ‘movement snacks’


Small bits and bobs that you can squeeze into your day


ANY movement is going to be effective


Anything that you can do is going to help


Changing your physical state is important, especially if you’ve been sitting still for too long


Your body will start to revolt against you


Your energy will drop….


There are so many benefits to short bursts of movement



We must get out of this mindset that we have to be at the gym to make a difference, or that we have to do an hour of exercise all in one block of time


Chop up your time into smaller chunks and you will probably find that you suddenly feel much more accomplished


It’s WAY more rewarding to complete 45mins of exercise in 4 smaller chunks….


….than it is to do nothing at all because you didn’t have a free hour for the gym


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