The non-negotiable habits for better EVERYTHING

I often get asked for the ONE thing that will make the difference in weight-loss


The thing to understand and ACCEPT is that there is no ONE THING that I can tell you


There are no magic fixes


There are no weight-loss secrets


Fundamentally there are just a set of BORING (yes….BORING) healthy habits that you MUST work on IF you want your weight loss to be healthy, consistent and sustainable


I can’t count the number of times I’ve had ‘discussions’ about magic pills, potions and thing that initiate a rapid weight loss BUT don’t help you to sustain it (nor protect your health)


And if there is ONE THING that IS worth protecting it is YOUR HEALTH


If you take your health for granted in the short term, in favour of blasting away some kilos…’re likely to pay for it in the future


We can future proof you against weight gain as you get older


We can future proof you against the chronic diseases that we are more prone to as the years go by


We can build a solid foundation to give us the best chance of living a long, healthy, disease free life


There are NO GUARANTEES……we cannot SEE the future and KNOW what is coming our way


But don’t you want to do EVERYTHING in your power to ensure that you have energy, health, fitness, mobility, strength, well-being, confidence……


So in order to give you something USEFUL to take away today….


My TOP 4 NON-NEGOTIABLE habits for HEALTH and WEIGHT-LOSS success are


1. Hydration – if you drink water, you will feel better PERIOD! If you don’t drink water, your energy will suffer, you will be prone to headaches, your appetite will probably increase and your cells won’t be getting what they need to function optimally. If your cells are not functioning, then your body will not be in a prime state for weight loss.


2. Movement – if you move your body in a variety of ways you will be building a framework of strength, fitness, mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, joint health, bone health. If you don’t do this, as the years go by you are more likely to lose your independence. Mix it up between doing some intense stuff (1-2x/week) some moderate resistance stuff (1-2x/week), some low intensity stuff eg walking (5-7x/week), some mobility eg yoga/stretching (4-5x/week) and some rest/restorative time (5-7/week).


3. Protein at breakfast – do this if you want to feel full and satisfied and if you want better mental clarity. If you want to really boost your cognitive function, include some healthy fats (egg, smoked salmon, avocado, fish oil). When you start your day in a good way, you are more likely to make better choices throughout the day too!


4. Guard your sleep – energy is what drives us through the day. If we are not sleeping enough, or deeply enough to get the recovery that we need then our energy and motivation is likely to suffer. When we don’t have the energy to do the basics, everything begins to fall apart.


So that’s it!


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Get your ball rolling with these healthy habits changes


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