Back to school games

Taking training down a different route

Yesterday morning we changed things up at our circuits session at the university

We got the teams playing ‘back to school games’

As varsity is upon us, we decided we weren’t going in for the usual beasting ;-)

So we planned a fun session instead

We got them playing ‘stuck in the mud’

British bull dog (without the tackling)

Cups and saucers

Wheelbarrow races

Sprint relays

And we finished the whole thing off with the cha cha slide

It was great fun

They were loving it

And we were in stitches

I’ve never seen some of them run so hard to avoid being tagged

And they were knackered by the end

And everyone left with a smile

This was still a training session

Training does not have to be boring and the same thing over and over again

If that same old cross trainer is boring you senseless

If staring at the same dreary wall on the treadmill is driving you crazy

If you are stuck in a rut

Why not play ‘stuck in the mud’

Or change things up a little

You have the power here

If you are committed to a training plan, you are allowed to have input there

And if you are not enjoying it

Tell your coach this, they should be grateful for your feedback and keen to get you on the right track again with your motivation

How long will you remain motivated doing the same old thing

Over and over again

How long til you just don’t feel it any more and think ahhh well better luck next time

Will there even be a next time?

You have the power!

Nicola ‘games master’ Rossell