Because I’m Happy

Clap along if you feel like happyness is the truth!

I was walking to work the other day

I try to walk now as much as possible because walking seems to trigger my deepest thought processes

And its also a great form of exercise

AND stress buster!

There is nothing more effective to the body when you’re all riled up

Than to go for a nice walk somewhere

Preferably with nice things to look at along the way

I was thinking about the concept of happiness

Or as Will Smith would say Happyness

I was thinking about my mood as I walked

I was listening to music at the time

But my mood was neither happy, nor sad

Not buoyant nor low

There really was little emotion going on

[strange for me!]

And I started to think about how I would classify this day overall

If my mood stayed the same throughout [unlikely – but just go with me on this one]

Would I class this day as a misery?

The weather was pretty bleak

And I was clearly feeling pretty uninspired

I could barely muster a smile

Granted my surroundings of the industrial estate are hardly smile worthy

Or would I class this as a happy day?

Since I was not sad, nor bleak!

Then I started to think about how we all define happiness (or sadness)

How do we actually classify if one day has been happy or sad or [insert emotion here]

I know that I go up and down daily

Some things make me laugh, smile

Some things make me sad and cry

Some things are like the other day where I wasn’t feeling anything at all

Perhaps happiness is simply being content with life

Whether its palpable or not

I am pretty content with my life right now

I have a career that I love

I get to help others on a daily basis which I love

I have great family and friends

I have my health and wellness

Sure things happen that make me sad and unhappy from time to time

But the general balance in my life swings the positive way

Sometimes we don’t recognise happiness because its not jumping up and down in front of us

Perhaps we only recognise happiness when we are in a low moment

‘oh perhaps I was happy yesterday, since I seem to be much sadder today’

I’d love to know how you recognise your happiness!

Do you record it with photographs

Or capture it on video

Or simply keep it in your memory?

Happiness is a concept that I plan to research more over the next years of my life


Self reflection

Its a good excuse to watch silly videos and laugh all day right!

Nicola ‘smiling today’ Rossell

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