Work ing Hard or Hardly Work ing?

I have the great luxury of meeting lots of new people in my line of work

Some people come and go

And some stay and endure into lasting friendships

For which I am eternally grateful

I like to observe behaviour

And examine cause and effect

Of course as an observational study my conclusions might be somewhat divergent of reality but I am not up for the science nobel prize here so my observations are merely for my own knowledge bank

I see people who work really hard

But make no progress

I see people are incredibly lazy

And make phenomenal progress – bastards right! ;-)

I see people who just get on with the basic stuff day in day out

Who do you think wins at the end?

Well the answer really depends on your outlook

But its the third one

The person who just puts one foot in front of the other and gets on with it

He has set backs, but understands that its part of the journey

He has highs but doesn’t get complacent, its part of the journey

He has times where he feels like nothing is changing, but he believes in the process

He has weak moments but reflects on the great moments that life has to offer and recognises that its ok to be weak if you also have strength

I met a man the other week

He came along to one of my university classes

These are classes that are usually packed with university level athletes so they are a fairly fit and agile bunch

The classes are designed to suit the needs of team sports

This chap shuffled in and he was a little hunched but he came at 7.30am

I was not about to deny him a good workout

I talked to him about what the class was going to entail

And he told me something phenomenal

He told me that he was recovering from a viral condition that had affected his nervous system

One day he could walk, the next day he couldn’t control his body

He had spent a year re-developing the control systems in his brain and body to allow him to walk in to my class today

This is a chap who was previously a runner, and habitual gym goer

Struck down with this viral infection out of the blue

And his whole life is different now

But he is still working hard every day to do things that actually, WE take for granted

We take it for granted that we can bound down to the gym

But how often are we grateful for this?

How often do we say, ‘ahhhhh well I can go tomorrow right!’

We take it for granted that we can jump on a bench, or lift a weight above our head

But when was the last time you stopped to think that actually its a privilege to be able to do those things!

He cant run half marathons like he used to

But he damn well ran around my sports hall with the students

He came back from this condition and is working on getting his life back to normal

He is getting stronger every day

He is working hard every day to achieve this

He values what he is going to get at the end of it!

Because actually that’s what happens if you work on something consistently

You will get stronger

You will get better at it

If you work on your will power it will get better

If you work on your squat it will get better

If you work on any of your abilities, they will get better

So next time you feel a bit lazy or like you want to sack off the gym or your routine…

Think about how you would feel if you didn’t have the option of going

Would you want to go then?

Nicola ‘pensive’ Rossell


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