The theory of marginal gains part 1

How can you tell that you are progressing?

Do you feel like you aren’t changing?

Is it possible even to notice change?

If you are a numbers geek (this is a good thing)

You might notice changes happening in your gym times, or weight numbers?

Your 5km time is dropping, great!

You can do more pull ups than last week, super!

Your dead lift is soaring, awesome!

You can even track things like how much water you drink, if you really want to.

But how do you track other changes?

Like your mindset

How do you know when you have changed your beliefs?

How do you know when you have reached the point that you were aiming for?

The true test I suppose would be putting yourself back in a situation that you know you find testing

So if you are someone who is a slave to macdonalds

Walking past and not wanting to go in

Or perhaps, wanting to but choosing not to go in (depending on your stage of change)

So would this be the end of the story?

In our society where there is a macdonalds on EVERY corner, this is not the end of the story huh!

We are tested EVERY day probably EVERY 30 seconds or so!

So what if we say NO to the first 4 that we see, but then give in on the 5th test that day?

Is that success?

It’s hard, I get that!

You need to get to a point in your life where you are comfortable with your surroundings

Macdonalds is not going ANYWHERE!

If that is something that you love, then you need to find a way to include it in your life without
associating guilt to it

Yes that’s right, I just told you that you can have Macdonalds if you want

What you need to understand is the following

I am not saying that it will be optimal

I am not promising that you will be able to making amazing progress eating Macdonalds

But if it is a huge part of your life

That you want to continue

Then you need to find a way to accept it without feeling bad

You need to be able to eat it, GUILT FREE

And then ACCEPT the consequences

Taking responsibility for YOUR choices

Don’t forget that key word

YOU are the architect of your own life

YOU get to do whatever you want

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, the key IS balance

But YOU have to make the choices

And YOU have to accept that if you choose to include maconalds on a weekly basis, you might not have
the optimal lifestyle for long term health.

Macdonalds have been 100% honest recently about what is in their food, and it’s pretty grim

If you want to eat that stuff go ahead

But be aware of what it is that you are putting into your system

Processed food is simply just not good for us

There is NO way around that

But if you want it in your life

Then you must find a way to include it, and only YOU know how you feel about these things

No coach, or trainer will be able to provide rationalisations for YOU

We provide guidance and we can help in the process of changing mindset

But the actual decisions

That is your job

YOUR lifestyle is YOUR responsibility

Take it on as a challenge

Nicola ‘not friends with Ronald’ Rossell


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