Energy cannot be created nor destroyed

‘…but it can change form’

I love science

I loved it at school

I loved it when I did my degree in it

I always remembered the definition of the conservation of energy

‘Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, but it can change form’

We put A LOT of energy into telling ourselves that we can’t do stuff

That we are stupid or worthless or fat or ugly

We put so much energy into this pursuit that we end up believing in it

These notions have a label

They are called limiting beliefs

I will share with you some of my limiting beliefs

[but notice the tense]

I believed that I would not be taken seriously if I admitted that I had an eating disorder

I believed that I would not be able to make a success of myself if some people didn’t take me seriously

I believed that I had to present a perfect outer shell to be successful and taken seriously in this industry

I didn’t believe that I had enough knowledge

I didn’t believe that I had enough experience

ALL of these things WERE holding me back at one time

Then one day

I CHOSE not to believe in them

That’s right

It was my choice

And everything flipped on its head

I chose to believe that I was and am ENOUGH


I chose to believe that I am intelligent and I have the abilities to pass on my knowledge to other people

I chose to believe that my life experience has been vast and has set me up to be a considerate driven passionate individual

I chose to believe that I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL

And I can see it now

Before, when my thoughts were all muddled negative and LIMITING

My vision was fuzzy

Now I can see

I see a future that I want

I visualise this future

And you know what, the image gets stronger and more detailed every day!

What do you see in your future?


If your future is fuzzy then we may need to work on your limiting beliefs

Make a list of all of your beliefs

On one side write your beliefs that are empowering

And on the other side write your beliefs that are dis-empowering

This is a concept from the Tony Robbins book Awaken the Giant Within

Thus far, a captivating read!!

I would love to know what your beliefs are

And when you find out what is holding you back, you might be surprised!

Nicola ‘no more limits’ Rossell

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